How the World Cup is affecting our driving

As we approach England's quarter final match against Sweden on Saturday some interesting statistics have been revealed about how football affects drivers.

According to, over one in 5 (22 per cent) drivers said football commentary distracts them behind the wheel.

A quarter of drivers who listen to football when driving said they've taken their hand off the wheel to punch the air celebrating a goal.

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More than a third of those who listen to sport on the car radio say they feel their stress levels rise as a result.

Nearly one in five drivers even admit to getting involved with singing and chanting.

Amanda Stretton, motoring editor at said: “With over 20m watching the England vs Colombia football match this week, millions were also glued to their radios while on the road.

“If the pressure of penalties in the last match is anything to go by, motorists will be on the edge of their driver seats when they listen in to the quarter final against Sweden.

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“We recommend when driving and listening to the commentary, England fans pull over if the excitement gets too much and most importantly, when it’s safe to do so. This way, their focus will not be divided between the road and the game and their positive thoughts will no doubt help England get through to the semis and the final!”

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