VIDEO: Watch amazing time lapse footage showing building of Doncaster's new multi-million pound rail depot

Hitachi Class 800 series train.Hitachi Class 800 series train.
Hitachi Class 800 series train.
Amazing time lapse footage has been released showing the completion of a multi-million pound upgrade at a rail depot in Doncaster in super quick time.

The video has been released by Volker Rail and shows in a matter of minutes how their construction workers carried out an £80 million upgrade of the rail depot at Doncaster Carr.

In reality the project took several months to complete and was finished earlier this summer.

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It will be used by Hitachi Rail Europe to maintain a fleet of their services inspired by the famous Japanese bullet trains.

The company chose the site for its "rich rail heritage" as it previously housed steam trains from as early as 1878.

Sam Fisk, external communications executive at Hitachi Rail Europe, said: "The video is high quality and shows just how much work has been done to the area.

"Over 2,000 people worked on the construction project - including a host of local suppliers.

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"The depot is busy getting itself ready and taking on more staff. This investment has created long-term jobs for the area."

Some staff have already started working on site and when fully functional it will be home to a workforce of 250 people.

This includes a fleet of train maintenance engineers who are due to start in September.

The depot has been refitted with the most advanced industry technology to maintain new fleets of intercity trains inspired by Japanese bullet trains, which are due to start running next year connecting millions of passengers in northern cities to London and Scotland.

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Fleets housed at the depot include 65 trains for Virgin Trains East Coast and 19 trains for Transpeninne Express.

The main building is a maintenance shed with five separate tracks and room for up to 24 five car trains at any one time.

The trains will be built at a base in Durham before going onto Doncaster for maintenance and then joining the railway network.

Intercity express trains will be maintained from the depot for the next 27 and a half years.

To apply for jobs at the site visit

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