Study reveals the best hen destinations. Does South Yorkshire appear?

New hen-do index ranks every popular city destination to reveal the BEST location for a hen party celebration

By Stephanie Bateman
Friday, 28th June 2019, 10:24 am

 A new study reveals the ultimate destinations for hen dos worldwide.

The worldwide hen-do index ranks city destinations based on a variety of lifestyle factors, such as the best night outs, cost of food and alcohol as well as weather guarantee (because no-one wants it to be raining during their celebration).

According to the study, conducted by Mecca Bingo, the top 10 UK hen-do destinations are:

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London – good for a night out with over 1000 bars to choose from in the city

Nottingham – easy to get around with the average taxi cost being only £2.50

Newcastle – great for eating out, with the average meal costing £12

Liverpool – great to relax with over 40 spas to choose from

Cardiff – a place to kick back a relax with the average bottle of wine costing £6.50

Manchester – over 170 bars and cheap taxis costing on average £2.50

Blackpool – great for eating out with the average meal costing £10

Edinburgh - an historic city with over 170 bars to choose from

York – 25 spas to choose from and taxis costing on average £2.50

Bournemouth – great for grabbing a drink with the average bottle of wine costing £7

London and Nottingham have been revealed as the best UK hen do destinations.

London has been revealed as the ULTIMATE destination, with a score of 9.1. It has the most bars and clubs out of all the destinations we looked at. Plus, it’s got the second highest amount of spas out of all the places we looked at, offering an escape from city life. But bear in mind that your meals, taxis, and bottles of wine could really chip into your bank balance.

With a score of 6.4, Nottingham comes second in the list with an excellent mix of things you could want for a perfect hen do. It has an enormous 117 bars and clubs, making it an excellent night out. More ‘early night’ than ‘crazy night’? You could have a spa weekend and choose from one of Nottingham’s 15 establishments. It’s also a cheap eat, with the average price of a meal just £10.

Best wining and dining

If you want a meal that doesn’t break the bank Nottingham, Liverpool, Cardiff and Blackpool offer the cheapest average meal, at £10.

Liverpool, Cardiff, York and Birmingham offer the cheapest drinks with an average bottle of wine costing £6.50

Susanne Svensson, Head of Brand and Delivery at Mecca Bingo said: “With wedding season coming up, we wanted to find out the perfect hen do destinations for brides-to-be. From relaxing city breaks to big nights out, each destination has been analysed to find out the best locations based on what hens want out of the hen party”.

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