Married At First Sight: 'We want four kids,' say Adam and Tayah as they set up home in Doncaster

Married At First Sight stars Adam Aveling and Tayah Victoria have confirmed they have set up home together in Doncaster – and want to get married for real and have four children.

By Darren Burke
Tuesday, 5th October 2021, 4:30 pm

The pair tied the knot seconds after meeting on the E4 reality show which matches complete stranger singletons.

Love has blossomed after filming ended and Tayah, 25, has moved into Adam’s Doncaster home - and they are now planning their future.

In an exclusive interview wth OK! magazine the smitten pair say they want children and can’t wait to get hitched for real.

Adam and Victoria found love on Married At First Sight and hope to have four children together.

Electrician Adam and estate agent Tayah from Hertfordshire say they are totally in love – providing viewers with a happy ending.

She said: “I didn’t even think that someone like Adam could exist. Honestly, I never thought soulmates were real until I met Adam.”

She has also moved to Doncaster and said: “I really enjoy living there. Being from Hertfordshire, which is quite close to London, it’s always been full of hustle and bustle. Whereas in Doncaster it’s very villagey and quiet and there’s lots of countryside.

“I much prefer it. Also everything down south is extremely expensive, like the house prices, whereas here everything just blows my mind! It’s also very friendly up here.

“Everyone has been so nice and welcoming to me, making sure I have settled in. It’s been lovely adjusting to everyday life with each other off camera.

And the couple realised they were in love early on.

Adam said: “On our honeymoon when we were playing tennis, we just had such a good laugh. I knew from that point onwards that she was someone I could fall in love with.

And while kids are on the horizon, at the moment the only patter of tiny feet is the couple’s pet cockapoo River.

“She’s so cute,” said Tayah. “She’s about six months old now. She’s sometimes like an annoying toddler.”

So has River been like a test run for when the couple have a baby?

Adam said: “It has felt like that, especially the first few weeks as River wasn’t keeping any food down. The carpets were just a bombsite.

“When I see Tayah talking to River like a proper child, it does make you fast forward and think that’s what it will be like when we are parents.

Tayah added: “Having a puppy is like having a child at times, it makes you see what the future could be.”

Adam said: “I have asked Tayah to properly marry me, so we are going to get married – we’re not too sure how it’s going to go yet.”

Tayah added: “We have got our hearts set on where we got married in the programme, so we would love it to be there officially.

And children?

Tayah said: “For me, I’ve come from quite a small family – I literally only have three cousins and an older sister. I’ve always grown up wanting to have four children.

Adam added: “If we were financially sound then I’d say four definitely but, if not, maybe three!”