Married At First Sight: 'Sofas for sale' ad biggest hint yet TV couple still together in Doncaster

A ‘sofas for sale’ advert on a Doncaster community Facebook page has given Married At First Sight viewers their biggest hint yet that local man Adam Aveling and his bride Tayah Victoria are still together.

By Darren Burke
Wednesday, 29th September 2021, 6:33 am

Last week, viewers of the E4 reality show – which sees complete strangers tie the knot - saw Tayah stay at Adam’s home in Doncaster – and where she was seen criticising the leather sofa in what she described as his ‘lad pad.’

Now it has emerged that the sofas were put up for sale by a Tayah Victoria on a Doncaster Facebook page in June – long before the series starting airing and suggesting that the couple have been living together in Doncaster and remaining an item since first getting together on the show.

Viewers have seen the couple getting on like a house on fire and have also picked up on a number of Facebook clues suggesting they are still very much an item.

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This post on a Doncaster community Facebook page is the biggest hint yet the couple are still together.

A post in the Sprotbrough community hub and local area page was made by an account called Tayah Victoria on June 6 and reads: “Hey guys, selling our sofas, message me for details x.”

In response to another person in the same group looking for someone selling a sofa, Tayah posted a photo of the leather two seater, writing: “Have two like this,” along with a smiley face emoji.

Fans of the show have also noted that Adam’s dad Michael and mum Angela are both Facebook friends with Tayah.

Last week, viewers saw Tayah arrived at Adam’s Doncaster home.

"I definitely expected it to be a lad's pad, but this is just to an extreme," Tayah told the cameras, before making her way around the property and pointing out what she wanted to change.

"Are you happy with the pool table?" Adam asked her to, to which she responded: "I think it's gonna have to go."

Cameras then followed her around as she expressed her disdain for Adam's sofas, bathroom tiles and light-up coffee table.

She also revealed plans for the living room to have a fresh paint job and said she would like to get rid of the carpets, while also pointing out a space that would be suitable for her bags and shoes.

"Do I get any says in this?" Adam asked – before Tayah immediately responded with a no.

Speaking to the camera, Tayah optimistically said: "I already feel like I'm at home, and it feels homely, and I think once I put my stamp on the place, it'll be perfect."

While many of the other couples have endured awkward silences and heated rows, it's been smooth sailing for estate agent Tayah and fitness professional Adam.

Earlier in the series, the happy couple even opened up about their plan to have children together with Tayah declaring that she would like to be pregnant within a year.