Doncaster people among lowest paid in the UK

Doncaster people are among the lowest paid in the UK.Doncaster people are among the lowest paid in the UK.
Doncaster people are among the lowest paid in the UK.
People in Doncaster are paid some of the lowest wages in the UK, a new survey has revealed.

The study found that the average weekly wage in Doncaster is £447 - making it one of the worst places in the UK when it comes to pay packets.

Only people in Wigan, Birkenhead, Huddersfield and Southend are worse off on average, according to the findings.

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London was the place for the best wages where the average weekly pay is £727.

The average weekly wage in the UK is £539.

The main reason why some towns and cities offer lower average wages is because they are home to fewer high paying occupations.

Skills levels are also a big issue in most places with below average wages.

For example, Wigan, Barnsley and Doncaster - all of which feature in the bottom 15 - have some of the lowest shares of residents educated to degree level.

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There are also big gaps between what people get paid for doing the same kinds of jobs in different towns and cities.

Highest and lowest wages in UK's largest towns and cities

London: £727

Reading: £655

Crawley: £633

Milton Keynes: £619

Cambridge: £609

Slough: £606

Oxford: £600

Edinburgh: £598

Aberdeen: £597

Derby: £595

Aldershot: £588

Southampton: £579

Luton: £571

Swindon: £560

Bristol: £547

National Average: £539

Leeds: £533

Coventry: £532

Birmingham: £527

Glasgow: £526

Gloucester: £526

Portsmouth: £520

Belfast: £514

Liverpool: £512

Manchester: £512

Warrington: £510

Northampton: £508

Ipswich: £506

Cardiff: £505

Dundee: £503

Bournemouth: £503

Basildon: £501

Newcastle: £501

York: £501

Blackpool: £500

Exeter: £499

Peterborough: £497

Telford: £497

Brighton: £496

Chatham: £494

Blackburn: £488

Nottingham: £486

Sunderland: £484

Wakefield: £483

Leicester: £480

Preston: £480

Middlesbrough: £477

Sheffield: £474

Newport: £473

Mansfield: £472

Plymouth: £467

Hull: £466

Swansea: £464

Burnley: £459

Stoke: £455

Bradford: £455

Worthing: £455

Barnsley: £453

Norwich: £450

Doncaster: £447

Wigan: £436

Birkenhead: £428

Huddersfield: £424

Southend: £413