Video: the moment a Doncaster area was rocked by an explosion

A massive bang which shook Kirk Sandall on Sunday and was heard as far away as Thorne has been captured on video.

By Kev Rogers
Tuesday, 28th September 2021, 10:15 am

An explosion in Kirk Sandall on September 26 was captured on video by eye witness Andrew Hill.

Andrew said: “This was the unexplained sound heard widely across the Long Sandall, Kirk Sandall and even further away areas of Doncaster and reported in the local press.

"I was outside at the time, I saw and heard it – it was very close by.

The moment an explosion lit up the sky in Kirk Sandall. Video by Andrew Hill.

The video shows there was a flash of light and then a bang.

“It came from west of Long Sandall. Maybe back of Wheatley Hall Road,” said Andrew.

“The explosive bang was much louder than it sounds on the video.

“I was looking for lost keys and happened to trigger the camera just at the right time.

There was speculation that the sound may have been a sonic boom from two Eurofighter Typhoons which were reported to have been flying over Doncaster at around the time the bang was reported.

Andrew added: "No explanation has been found yet.

"The flash of light discounts theories of a sonic boom from fighter jets, as does the single bang. There were no planes over head.

"I heard the sonic boom a couple years ago, so I know the difference.”

We contacted South Yorkshire Police about the incident but a spokesman said they did not have anything on their records around the time which would give an explanation .