'˜They're being eaten by the wagons' '“ Doncaster waste bosses provide important update on faulty blue bin lids Â

A manufacturer fault has been blamed which has left scores of Doncaster residents with faulty blue bin lids.Â

By The Newsroom
Friday, 30th November 2018, 10:38 am
Updated Friday, 30th November 2018, 10:40 am
The collection of new bins at Doncaster Council. (Photo: My Doncaster),
The collection of new bins at Doncaster Council. (Photo: My Doncaster),

Doncaster Council  bosses said they are aware of the problem and they will be replaced '˜free of charge'.

Many residents across the borough have complained about the flimsy bin lids with some coming off and '˜being eaten' by waste wagons. 

Lee Garrett, Doncaster Council head of waste and highways infrastructure, Lee Richardson, Doncaster Council waste and re-cycling manager, and Matthew Canning, Suez regional manager municipal with one of the blue bins

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Councillors relayed stories to council bin chiefs at a Communities and Environment Overview and Scrutiny Panel meeting. One said many residents are putting their blue bin out with no lid which causes recycling to spill onto the streets in bad weather. 

Many residents are still waiting for a replacement blue bin lid including committee chair Coun Jane Kidd who said: 'Let's see how long they take to replace mine!'

Waste bosses Lee Richardson and Lee Garrett said refuse staff are now reporting any missing bin lids back to the council for order. 

Finningley councillor Jane Cox said: 'We've still got lots of blue bins with no lids and when there's bad weather there's recycling stuff flying about all over the place.

'Speaking to residents '“ they don't seem to want to report it for it to be replaced because they're under the impression they would have to pay for it.

'I think there needs to be some education because people do believe they will be charged for it.'

Conisbrough councillor Ian Pearson said the problem seemed to be with the lid's '˜lugs' and urged bosses to supply workers with them on their rounds. 

'Could you not give them a hammer to knock them back in? People have been in touch with me to say the crews have even watched the machine eat the lid because it was only held in with one lug.'

Waste and recycling manager Lee Richardson said: 'We are dealing with the blue bin lids issue '“ this is a separate issue with the manufacturer.

'It's the council that procure the bins so we are dealing with the manufacturer directly.

'The crews on their rounds have now started to record on their devices where the bin lids need to be replaced so they are now coming back to us and we are raising the orders for them to be fixed. 

'The downside is if we report them then the resident doesn't know we've done this so we've got a really short window to actually fix them because they're not accessible if they're not outside on collection day.

'If a resident reports it then they know we are coming to fix it '“ it kind of a bitter sweet scenario.'

Lee Garrett, head or service highways added: 'I want to make clear that the replacement blue bin is free. We obviously want people to recycle.'

To report a damaged blue bin '“ visit