Shame Russia, say Doncaster Ukrainians on Vladimir Putin victory day

People in Doncaster are being urged to shame Russia on its annual Victory Day tomorrow.

By Darren Burke
Sunday, 8th May 2022, 6:36 pm

The Beckett Road centre has been the focal point for the town’s humanitarian efforts to help those fleeing the deadly conflict, sending out supplies to those in need.

A spokesman said: “Russia’s ‘Victory Day’ on May 9 is a major annual holiday in Russia, but instead of commemorating the immense sacrifice made by the people of the Soviet Union, it portrays it as Russia’s World War II triumph, with a patriotic display of raw military power.

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People are being urged to shame Russia on its National Victory Day.

“Each year on Russian Victory Day, Russian troops parade across Moscow’s Red Square alongside major examples of the country’s military arsenal. This includes tanks and intercontinental ballistic missiles and with President Vladimir Putin centre-stage, basking in the jingoistic celebrations.

“This year, due to Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, defence analysts predict that the Russian military is facing increasing pressure to deliver results in time for Putin’s Victory Day speech.

“For May 9, the Ukrainian World Congress is aiming to subvert Russia’s attempts to celebrate its annual “Victory Day” by branding May 9 as “Russian Shame Day.”

“Share the hashtag #RussianShameDayand show your support for Ukraine and its people, as they continue to bravely face this brutal and savage invasion, that is bringing death and destruction to a peace-loving, sovereign democracy.”