Race against time to rehome roosters saved from squalid Doncaster animal sanctuary

A call has gone out to urgently rehome animals rescued from squalid conditions at a Doncaster animal sanctuary.

Friday, 15th October 2021, 4:54 pm
A number of cockerels were found living in squalid conditions, surrounded by dead birds, droppings and rubbish.

Rooster Farm and Rescue was evicted from its allotment home in Bentley yesterday and given a lifetime ban after owners Aaraon McIntrye and Jodie Swann were accused of animal neglect, violence, threats and intimidation and keeping money raised for a woman paralysed in a riding accident.

Shocked allotment committee members called in to clear the couple’s site in Pipering Lane found the rotting remains of a number of dead birds as well as piles of rubbish and roosters living in squalid conditions, surrounded by droppings and debris.

The pair have denied all accusations against them, calling the allegations ‘lies’ and claiming they were the victims of a hate campaign.

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Aaron McIntyre and Jodie Swann have been given a lifetime ban from allotment sites in Doncaster.

However, both Doncaster Council’s Animal Health team and South Yorkshire Police have been investigating the pair and Bentley Allotment Committee, which runs five sites in Doncaster has now handed the couple a lifetime ban.

And nearby Manor Farm Estate rescue, which is totally unconnected to Rooster Farm, says homes urgently need to be found for the animals.

A spokesman said: “Our number one priority is always the welfare of animals. Following the sudden and unexpected closure of Rooster Farm, we have obviously agreed to help rehome their animals.

"We have 23 roosters we need to find homes for. If homes are not found, these poor boys will sadly be euthanised.

"This is not our decision and the boys are not on our farm. We will take as many as possible but our rooster to hen ratio has to be thought about. If you can help, please get in touch.”

Bentley Allotment Committee spokesman Jim Pearson said the pair had been evicted from the site yesterday, with a number of birds and goats being rescued.

He said: “We accessed the site and found the decomposed carcasses of three cockerels. They have been sent a letter and they are banned for life from all our sites.”

Another volunteer said several diseased roosters had also been found and said the site "stinks of death.”

Yesterday, it emerged the couple had been involved in a violent scuffle on the allotment and had also made blackmail threats after saying they would illegally occupy allotments if they weren’t paid £3,500 in compensation.

Mr Pearson said the couple had regularly failed to adhere to the site’s rules and issues came to a head when a 67-year-old allotment holder was reportedly wrestled to the floor by Mr McIntyre.

Opponents who have accused the pair say they have received threatening and abusive messages with one reportedly from Mr McIntyre reading: “I’m not one to be f***** with.”

After details of the story broke, Mr McIntrye claimed an angry mob had left him fearing for his safety after descending on his house. However, South Yorkshire Police have confirmed that they have received no reports of disorder or public order offences at any address connected with Mr McIntyre.

A number of threatening emails and Facebook messages have also been sent to the Free Press since the story broke.

In response to an email approaching Mr McInytre for comment on the farm’s closure, he wrote: “I have told the police about your email and have also told the specialist slander solicitors – and if any of our information is shared we are in our right to sue you personally and your newspaper.

"I will have to pop into your office and speak to you face to face. I’m coming down to your office. What you’re doing is an act of bullying and harassment.”

Another message, supposedly from a relative of the couple read: “Oi listen you little p**** who the f*** do you think you are slagging the rescue off?

"These are lovely people and now you are slagging us off we have had to close the rescue. You will get what’s coming to you.”

In response to the latest allegations, Mrs Swann said the stories had made them look ‘right bad people’ and added: “What you have done is taken stories from other people who are just haters.

"Surely if we have done all that was said, we would have been arrested already.

"We shut because we were sick and tired of the abuse, threats and violence that was put to us. The animals was never neglected.”

“You are running on lies. You are running with the haters and have caused so much unnecessary stress. I will be emailing your complaints department as what you’re doing is libel and you keep spreading fake news.

“The stories you have made up are all based on lies.”

Anyone who can help rehome any of the roosters can contatct Manor Estate Farm on 07894 083084.