Rival animal sanctuary calls in police after threats from controversial Doncaster rooster rescue

A Doncaster animal sanctuary has called in police after claiming it has received threats from the owner of an under-fire rooster rescue farm at the centre of animal neglect allegations.

Wednesday, 6th October 2021, 10:08 am

Yesterday, owner Aaron McIntyre said he was going to give all the farm’s animals away to the nearby and totally seperate Manor Estate Farm – but bosses at that animal sanctuary say they have had no dealings – and have called in police over a series of alleged threats.

When approached by the Free Press, a spokesman for Manor Estate said: “That’s the first I’ve heard of this.

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Rooster Farm owner Aaron McIntyre has been accused of animal neglect as well as threats and intimidation.

“We haven't been approached by Rooster Farm directly.

"We have been told by a third party they have made threats against us and have gained advice from South Yorkshire Police.

"Rooster Farm have always said we have made trouble for them and they seem to think there was a rivalry between us which is total nonsense.

"Manor Estate Farm care for all animals - who helps them is irrelevant to us as long as they receive the care they deserve.”

Yesterday, Mr McIntrye, who has fiercely denied all the allegations, said: “As for all the animals that are left, they will be handed to Manor Estate Farm as we haven’t the funds now to maintain the rescue.

"We haven’t contacted that farm but they are the only so-called rescue in the area and I have instructed people to come and take them and take them there.”

Animal health experts from Doncaster Council have been called in while the owners of Rooster Farm are understood to have been reported to both the RSPCA and South Yorkshire Police by critics who have accused them of animal neglect as well as threats and intimidation.

Opponents who have accused Mr McIntyre and partner Jodie Kincaid say they have received threatening and abusive messages with one reportedly from Mr McIntyre reading: “I’m not one to be f***** with.”

Photos said to be of the Rooster Farm show animals living in pens strewn with water bottles and rubbish.

After details of the story broke, Mr McIntrye claimed an angry mob had left him fearing for his safety after descending on his house. However, South Yorkshire Police have confirmed that they have received no reports of disorder or public order offences at any address connected with Mr McIntyre.

It is also understood an eviction notice has been served on an allotment used by the rooster sanctuary at Pipering Lane in Bentley, which was set up in 2019 with the aim of rescuing chickens, ducks and other birds.

Doncaster Council has confirmed that its animal health team had been called in at Rooster Farm.

A spokesman said: “The animal health team are not involved in any eviction process. However, we are working with the livestock owners to secure compliance with animal health legislation.”

Last week, the farm announced it was shutting for ‘the forseeable future’ in a brief Facebook post.

The sanctuary also closed its doors earlier this year but later reversed its decision and re-opened.

Mr McIntrye has not responded to the most recent allegations.