Rooster Farm couple face lifetime Doncaster ban after blackmail threats and violence

A controversial couple are facing a lifetime ban from allotments in Doncaster after police were called in to investigate blackmail threats and violence.

Thursday, 14th October 2021, 9:57 am
Aaron McIntyre and Jodie Swann are facing a lifetime ban from Doncaster allotments.

Aaron McIntyre and Jodie Swann, who ran the under fire Rooster Farm animal sanctuary in Bentley before its recent closure, have been accused of animal neglect, threats and intimidation against critics and keeping cash that was raised for a woman left paralysed in a riding accident.

Now it has emerged that the pair are facing a lifetime ban from sites run by Bentley Allotment Committee after the pair became involved in a violent scuffle and are also alleged to have threatened to illegally occupy allotments if they weren’t paid £3,500 in compensation.

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Bentley Allotment Committee spokesman Jim Pearson said the pair had been involved in a long-running dispute about failing to adhere to allotment rules – but that they were now facing a ban from the five sites run by the group.

He said: “From today, they will be stopped from coming onto the plot. We will not tolerate any further what we’ve had to put up with for a very long time.

"The recommendation will be that they are banned permanently from all our sites.”

Mr Pearson said issues came to a head when Mr McIntyre and Mrs Swann were involved in a violent confrontation on the allotments, which he says saw a 67-year-old allotment holder wrestled to the floor by Mr McIntyre at the group’s Pipering Lane site.

Following threats of eviction for repeated rule breaches, the pair reportedly said they would take over an allotment at one of the group’s sites each week, claiming squatters’ right – unless they were paid £3,500 in ‘compensation.’

"They told us if we wanted them off our land, we would have to pay them,” said Mr Pearson. “That was a blackmail threat so we went straight to the police.”

Mr Pearson has said that the pair will be denied access to all sites and if they try and access the sites, it will be classed as trespass.

The rescue closed its doors earlier this month amid a series of allegations and accusations from opponents accusing its owners of animal neglect as well as threats and initimidation.

Mr McInytre said he was going to donate all its animals to nearby Manor Estate Farm – but that sanctuary said they had had no direct dealings with him and called in police after threats were made.

Animal health experts from Doncaster Council were called in while the owners were also reported to the RSPCA.

Opponents who have accused the pair say they have received threatening and abusive messages with one reportedly from Mr McIntyre reading: “I’m not one to be f***** with.”

After details of the story broke, Mr McIntrye claimed an angry mob had left him fearing for his safety after descending on his house. However, South Yorkshire Police have confirmed that they have received no reports of disorder or public order offences at any address connected with Mr McIntyre.

A number of threatening emails and Facebook messages have also been sent to the Free Press since the story broke.

In response to an email approaching Mr McInytre for comment on the farm’s closure, he wrote: “I have told the police about your email and have also told the specialist slander solicitors – and if any of our information is shared we are in our right to sue you personally and your newspaper.

"I will have to pop into your office and speak to you face to face. I’m coming down to your office. What you’re doing is an act of bullying and harassment.”

Another message, supposedly from a relative of the couple read: “Oi listen you little p**** who the f*** do you think you are slagging the rescue off?

"These are lovely people and now you are slagging us off we have had to close the rescue. You will get what’s coming to you.”

Mr McIntrye has not responded to an email asking for a response in relation to the eviction.