"I'll be pregnant next year," Married At First Sight's Tayah tells Doncaster husband Adam

Doncaster Married At First Sight star Adam Aveling was left shocked – when his wife Tayah insisted she will be pregnant by next year.

Wednesday, 15th September 2021, 2:45 pm

Now viewers have seen Tayah say how she reckons she will have a baby in the next few years.

During the second dinner party, Tayah and Adam had a catch-up with Morag and hubby Luke.

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Are Tayah and Adam expecting a baby on Married At First Sight? (Photo: E4).

Luke praised Tayah and Adam's relationship, saying: "You always seem on the same page you two."

Estate agent Tayah, 25, then dropped a mighty huge bombshell on Doncaster electrician Adam, 26.

She responded: "Do you know what we've been talking about?

"This time next year I'll be pregnant."

A shocked Adam could not believe his ears as she revealed her maternal desires.

He looked on in horror and joked: "Don't drop that bombshell!

"She's not pregnant by the way."

Tayah awkwardly laughed it off and remarked: "I'm not pregnant but this time next year I will be."

Adam added: "She's having visions of it... we've not properly agreed that this is going to happen by the way, she's just having visions."

Tayah continued to show her eagerness to have a baby soon, adding: "Our little Tay, imagine how sas that child would be, I'd love it."

The couple admitted they were "in love" after knowing each other for around a week.