Doncaster's Adam Aveling 'most likely to stay wed' on TV's Married At First Sight

Doncaster man Adam Aveling is the man most likely to stay married to his complete stranger bride on TV’s Married At First Sight, research has said.

By Darren Burke
Friday, 10th September 2021, 1:37 pm

The Doncaster electrician and fitness model was shown tying the knot with Tayah Victoria on the hit reality show which sees singletons get married just moments after meeting – and then seeing if they can stay together.

A new study by gambling firm Casumo has revealed which couples are most likely to stay wed, using the following factors:

- Number of arguments/confrontations

Adam and Tayah tied the knot on Married At First Sight. (Photo: Channel 4).

- Happiness at wedding

- Couple’s compatibility doubts

And Doncaster man Adam topped the list as most likely to stay wed.

Rank (Most to Least likely)Couple

=1Tayah and Adam

=1Marilyse and Franky

3 Dan and Matt

4 Morag and Luke

5 Amy and Josh

=8 Meghan and Bob

=8 Nikita and Ant

=8 Jordan and Alexis

The show, which has returned for a sixth season and has the nation on the edge of their seats, saw eight couples wed.

The study found that with zero arguments and positive conversations from both bride and groom on their compatibility, Tayah and Adam and Marilyse and Franky are the MAFS couples most likely to stay wed.

Doncaster man Adam is head over heels for wife Tayah, with the two being the first – and only - couple to declare their love for each other.

In contrast, Nikita & Ant and Jordan & Alexis are the couples who are the least likely to remain married. Nikita & Ant have had the most confrontations, whilst Jordan & Alexis are one of two couples who’ve moved into the friendzone.