Little Alec to take part in Rother Valley run

A courageous little boy from Sheffield is not letting a terminal muscle-wasting disease stop him from achieving great things.

Alec Syphas, aged 6, from Hemsworth, suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy but is determined to take part in the 5K Big Fun Run next month at Rother Valley to raise awareness of the disease.

Alec was born prematurely in 2009 and seemed to be a perfectly healthy little boy until he reached the age of four and his mum and dad became concerned that his mobility skills weren’t developing the same as his friends.

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Tests were carried out and Alec was diagnosed with DMD, a disease that affects one in 3,600 boys in the UK. Early symptoms of DMD include enlarged muscles, low endurance levels, struggling to climb stairs and walk or run with confidence.

Mum Rachel said: “Alec will be starting the race without his wheelchair and then I’ll be running with the wheelchair just in case he needs it to finish the race.

“Alec is a super hero every day in our eyes and this be one of the greatest challenges that he will face.

“We want to give him a big superhero cheer along the way and make it a really special day to remember. He lives up to his superhero alter ego every single day; the boy with a huge battle ahead and the biggest smile to do it with.”

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She added: “This is a big thing for Alec as he gets really tired walking 100 yards but wants to be part of a race and get a medal.

“We are trying to get as many people to come along to the event give him a big cheer and help to make it a day to remember.”

A number of friends will also be taking part and running with Alec and we wearing ‘Alec Avengers’ T-shirts to raising DMD awareness.

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Rachel added: “We as a family are wanting to make as many memories and experiences for Alec.

“Alec wants his next challenge to be climbing the Eiffle Tower at Paris.”