Grovelling MP Nick Fletcher 'sorry for upset' amid voter backlash over decision to back Boris Johnson

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Doncaster Tory MP Nick Fletcher has begged for forgiveness and has said he is sorry for any upset after a furious backlash after his decision to back Boris Johnson over the Partygate report.

The Don Valley Conservative MP was just one of seven Tory MPs to offer their support to Johnson over the damning report which said that he deliberately and repeatedly misled Parliament over lockdown parties at No. 10 during the Covid pandemic.

Angry voters blasted Mr Fletcher’s decision, questioning why he had chosen to back the former Prime Minister, who has now quit as an MP after the dossier exposed a string of lies told to the Commons.

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As constituents began tellling Mr Fletcher they would not be voting for him at the next General Election, he doubled down on his views, telling voters: “It’s not about doing what’s popular, it’s about doing what I think is right.”

Nick Fletcher has begged for forgiveness and apologised for upset caused after backing Boris Johnson over the damning Parytygate report.Nick Fletcher has begged for forgiveness and apologised for upset caused after backing Boris Johnson over the damning Parytygate report.
Nick Fletcher has begged for forgiveness and apologised for upset caused after backing Boris Johnson over the damning Parytygate report.

After Mr Fletcher was revealed as one of the seven, he was dubbed a traitor online as well as being compared to Dopey from the Seven Dwarves as angry voters slammed over for throwing his weight behind Johnson.

In a fresh statement, Mr Fletcher tried to explain his reasons for his support – and said: “I apologise for any upset I may have caused.”

He wrote: “I said I would read the report. I have done so.

“I wrote a speech saying I would abstain.

“I said I would attend the debate. I did. I said I would listen to what was said. I did.

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“But having listened to what Sir Bill Cash MP (one of the other seven to back Johnson) had to say in the debate, it was clear to me what I had to do.

“As an MP I vote with my conscience. I always try to do the right thing for the right reasons. It’s not about doing what’s popular, it’s about doing what I think is right.

“I voted against the recommendations from the Privilege Committee. I did so for many reasons.

“I would ask that people read the report and the full debate.

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“I apologise for any upset I may have caused but it is the individual as an MP who has to live with these moral decisions that we invariably have to take and no one else.

“I ask that everyone should channel their energies into forgiveness rather than hate for mistakes made by many over these past few years.

“And maybe then we can learn from what this pandemic has taught us and try to look forward to the future rather than continually looking back.”

But his words were met with further anger and disdain from voters.

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One posted: “I can't understand how someone can vote to defend a liar.”

Another wrote: “As an MP you area there to represent the constituents. You didn't represent them - you have put the final nail in your coffin your position as MP will be gone in the next election.”

Repsonding to his plea for forgiveness, another wrote: “I don't forgive you for defending Boris Johnson.”

Another wrote on the MPs Facebook page: “So you condone the parties while families couldn’t mix, visit love ones, say goodbye to those who lost their lives and most importantly you stood by the deceitful liar of BJ and basically condoned everything he and his staff, friends and colleagues did. Sorry Nick you didn’t do the right thing.”

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“So Nick can find forgiveness when it suits him i.e serial liar Johnson but when it comes to immigration, compassion and forgiveness seem to disappear, and he is quite happy to give out the 'we are full' comment,” wrote another.

Another wrote on the MP’s page: “This is not about what Boris did previously. Boris lied, more than once, he knew he'd lied, we all knew he'd lied, that's it. Now it's been finally confirmed we can move on. Sorry Nick, you were wrong this time.”

Another said: “What conscience did Boris and the ones participating in parties have while families could not see family members dying and not be allowed to attend a funeral? Shame on you all.”

“Absolutely the wrong decision,” wrote another. “To vote to support a known liar in the face of massive evidence. As an MP your job is to vote in the best interests of your constituents, not some bumbling lying idiot. Let’s hope Boris can help you at the next election because you are going to need it.”

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Another added: “Conscience?This is a joke right? You STILL continue to defend the indefensible. You and your party are a disgrace!”

While another said: “Good luck getting a new job at next GE as you will be out. You have zero credibility now.”

Referring to his lengthy crusade to remove a graffitti covered shed from Doncaster railway station, another told the MP: “You’re just a joke of an MP to be honest. You’ve done nothing for this town, but remove a hut at the station no one cares about.

"Any time we’ve asked what you’ve done, that’s all you can tell us. You and your cronies breaking laws, videoed laughing at us as we buried our loved ones who died at the negligence of the party YOU are part of - and you think that’s acceptable?

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“All you do when questioned on anything is block people, to avoid owning up to the fact you are doing nothing of worth and in fact harming your constituency.

“So what, is the point of you?”

And one Tory party member wrote: “Bye bye Nick. I am going to end my membership of your twisted, vile, corrupted, disgusting party. Enjoy your time as an MP, as it will end very soon.”