Man sets bull terrier on police dog during Doncaster domestic assault arrest

A man set his bull terrier on a police dog during an arrest in Balby, police have reported.

Wednesday, 22nd September 2021, 11:06 am

South Yorkshire Police Dog support unit said the police dog Benson, a Dutch Herder was attacked by the dog after he tracked down a man wanted for domestic assault in Balby.

A spokesman for the unit said: “Bens’ took Tez (his handler) to a nearby address where he found his man. Now having your mate set his bull terrier on the Police dog so that you can leg it is pretty low, it’s also pretty useless.

“Benson shrugged off the canine encounter and quickly set off after and detained his man – 30 year old local man booked a room with no view at L’hotel Doncaster custody.”

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Police Dog Benson

He said Benson sustained a few scratches in the incident but he shrugged it off , “feeling rather pleased with himself”, notching up another lock-up.