Black Friday UK 2021: Ten most wanted deals in Doncaster revealed

Here’s the most sought-after Black Friday deals in the UK for this year. Got your eye on any?

By jimmy johnson
Monday, 22nd November 2021, 11:50 am

The single most ought after product for this year’s iteration of the Black Friday sales is the Nintendo Switch, according to Trusted Reviews. The research was conducted by adding the amount of times people searched for a product online in conjunction with the term “Black Friday”.

Nintendo’s current generation home console is one of its best-selling systems, selling over 91 million units since its release in March 2017. It still has a way to go before catching the Nintendo Wii (released in 2007), which stands at 101 million units sold. The Switch itself accumulated a total of 25,900 searches.

In second and third are laptops and TVs, respectively. No brand has been specified – this refers to laptops and TVs in general. Laptops received 21,100 searches, while TV received 18,700.

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Black Friday

In fourth is the Apple iPhone with 14,000 searches, narrowly beating out the generic “mobile phone” search (which accumulated 12,000 searches). Meanwhile, just behind this is the iPad, with 11,500 searches.

Much further down is Sony’s Playstation 5 with only 7,600 searches (although the actual search term used for this was simply “Playstation” to avoid confusion).

The eighth most searched for product is “Dyson hair dryer” which has seen a total of 6,900 Black Friday related searches. In ninth is Apple’s Airpods with 5,100 searches – tiny wireless earphones that have been increasing in popularity over the past few years.

Finally, in tenth is Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, with a paltry 2,800 searches. It’s a very small amount when compared to its console rivals, the Switch and the PS5. Again, like with the Playstation, the search has been simplified to just “Xbox”. The Nintendo Switch has gathered almost ten times the amount of searches that the Xbox has during this Black Friday season.

Speaking on the research, a Trusted Reviews spokesperson said: “The data shows that the Nintendo Switch is set to be in high demand this year, along with laptops and TVs.

"Whatever people are planning to buy, they should avoid impulse purchases and do their research to ensure that they are definitely getting a good deal, so they aren’t left with any Black Friday regrets.”