Warning over Covid-19 passport scam circulating in Doncaster as fraudsters pretend to be part of NHS

Doncaster residents are being warned of a Covid-19 passport scam which aims to trick people into handing over their personal banking details.

By Kev Rogers
Wednesday, 7th July 2021, 1:24 pm

Vaccine passports have become a key part of life in the in the UK as they can be used to prove you’re vaccinated against coronavirus before attending events or when travelling abroad.

But, it appears fraudsters are now taking advantage of the scheme by creating an email and text which pretends to be from the NHS as part of a bid to trick people out of cash.

A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said: "We have recently been made aware of a Covid Vaccine Passport scam email going around that purports to be from the NHS and informs recipients that they can apply for their “Digital Coronavirus Passports”

South Yorkshire police are warning of a Covid vaccination passport scam.

“Clicking on the link within the email, takes you to a convincing but fake NHS website that asks for personal and payment details and then for an admin fee.

"The website has since been taken down, but please be aware that similar emails/websites are likely to appear in future."

People are advised never to click on links in suspicious texts and emails – and don’t enter any personal or financial information.

If you have clicked on a link and you think it’s a scam, contact your bank immediately.

The NHS says it would never ask for bank details, and the vaccine is free.

You can report fraud or cyber crime through the online reporting service for Action Fraud via https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/