Players put the boot in on England

Roy Hodgson has announced he is stepping down as England manager.Roy Hodgson has announced he is stepping down as England manager.
Roy Hodgson has announced he is stepping down as England manager.
Former England and Sheffield winger Chris Waddle almost cornered the market on slamming England, after their woeful exit from Euro the hands of humble Iceland.

Almost but not quite.

While Waddle went to town on the players - dubbing them leaderless and pampered - there were no shortage of other people with local football connections ready to condemn Roy Hodgson’s shambolic side.

Chief amongst them was Ian Evatt, the 34-year-old Chesterfield defender, who believes the 2-1 loss was symptomatic of the nation, right now.

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He tweeted: “In all my years of football that is the worst I’ve ever seen, I’m not one to over exaggerate but our whole country is in turmoil...”

Evatt added: “Being a pro footballer I have always stuck up for our players for our national team but that is indefensible. Questions need answering. They (England players) will all jet off to their luxury villas and it’s pay day Thursday so how bad can it be! I’ve never felt so let down by anything or anybody. The FA need to move on from these dinosaurs, the game has changed we need a coach who has modern philosophy and fresh ideas.”

Here is what some other soccer luminaries had to say:

Curtis Woodhouse claimed he’d be overqualified for the England job: “I’ve got a brain cell. We are so inept it’s a joke. Glen Hoddle should be the next England manager, should never have lost his job in the first place, we are weak. He told the players: “Pack your bags and never show your faces ever again, absolutely embarrassment to the nation.”

Ian Evatt - not much applause for EnglandIan Evatt - not much applause for England
Ian Evatt - not much applause for England

Mark Bright: “Only a sportsman/woman will know that gut wrenching feeling of producing your worst, when you had to produce your best. The question England players past/present can’t answer, why don’t we produce our best when we need it most?”

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Billy Sharp: “Euro 96 and France 98 best England times I’ve ever seen and will ever see. Where’s Beckham when you need him?”

Nigel Pearson: “No words can describe that.”

Lee Bullen: “No Plan B against a team sitting so deep.” Barnsley defender Marc Roberts summed it up in one word: “Embarrassing.” Carlton Palmer: asked: “Am I dreaming?”

Mark BrightMark Bright
Mark Bright

However there were some sporting gestures from Rotherham. Millers midfielder Richie Smallwood: “Fair play to Iceland, very good, well deserved.”

Ex-Millers left-back Joe Skarz: “Feel privileged to have played with @karibestmeister (Kari Arnason.) Master class from him and his team.”

Millers midfielder Greg Halford: “Fair play to Iceland were always a threat at the right times and didn’t give us a sniff.”