How Doncaster Rovers fans reacted to the lacklustre loss against Charlton Athletic

Another Saturday, another woeful performance by Doncaster Rovers – and the fans were not happy.

By Jimmy Johnson
Monday, 28th March 2022, 11:11 am
Updated Monday, 28th March 2022, 11:25 am

Rovers fans took to social media to voice their displeasure following yet another hopeless defeat, with boss Gary McSheffrey and the board coming in for criticism.

Let’s see what they had to say.

@JimmyDRFC: Dover are on -4 points in the National League, have won 1 game all season, semi-professional, have played 6 less games than #DRFC and yet we have scored the exact same amount of goals. Not sure whether to laugh or cry at that.

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Tommy Rowe has a shot on goal. Picture: Andrew Roe/AHPIX LTD

@Mason_drfc: Felt sorry for McSheffrey when he got job but my sympathy vanished some time ago. He’s useless. He’ll be Coventry’s under 16s next season. Pathetic yes man.

@SallyHonch_x: Highlight of yesterday was my Dad telling Bostock at the end to rip Hiwula's shirt up and chuck it in the bin.

@drfc1879: The south stand must be packed to the rafters… to be fair there’s probably 2k under the stands drinking rather than watching the debacle on the pitch!

@critch243: At some point the Board of Directors at Club Doncaster have got to realise that they are failing @drfc_official surely the past 4 seasons is an indication of this.. I’d be interested to hear their points on this.

@ClipsDonny: Jonathan Mitchell has had more touches on the ball today (46) than both our strikers: Jordy Hiwula (20 touches) Joe Dodoo (38 touches).

@PopsideView: If there was an award for signing zero impact players @graham_younger would win hands down.

@BlakeBlythe1: Club’s a shambles. Baldwin out.

@DonnyRover26: Worst Doncaster side/squad and management team I've ever seen. No idea.

@durkinliam: It'll not be a popular opinion, but I don't mind the way the club is ran regards to be sustainable - but we can't continue to allow Baldwin to do anything other than ensure we remain sustainable and have someone with football knowledge to handle football backroom operations.

@rossevans86: Midfield played so deep & gave Charlton far too much time & space with pressure. Subbing Matt Smith made no sense to me whatsoever as his work rate & energy was much needed. Not sure how you can justify not starting Josh Martin as he looks the best attacking threat #drfc have.

@alexgibbings: There’s only three players that look like they care in that whole squad, Rowe, Smith and Olowu, the rest, out of the ones who haven’t been injured all season, are absolutely dreadful - if it wasn’t over before today, it is now.

@RedMoshMan_RTID: Mitchell, Rowe, Smith and Olowu are the ONLY players who deserve credit for today. Everyone else and the manager especially have been shameful.

@ChirpsByJames: Only Scunny have scored fewer league goals than #drfc in the entire Football League. And Rovers have conceded more than them. Yikes.

@Ryandunphy95: I thought we should have gone with experience at the time but I did like how GM came across. However, it’s quite clear he’s out of his depth, absolutely no game plan or style. Big decisions to make in the summer if we go down with a whimper.