Free Press has a hundred suggestions already from readers for new Doncaster library and museum name

Scores of ideas have been put forward for names for Doncaster’s new library and museum since we launched the hunt last week.

By David Kessen
Monday, 30th September 2019, 2:44 pm
Updated Monday, 7th October 2019, 9:58 am

The list of suggestions by readers so far has seen proposals to name the new building after a string of famous Doncaster people, both living and dead.

Others have suggested names making reference to the borough’s history, and there have been proposals to name it after part of the town’s geography.

And some have used elements of the building’s design to base the name of the building on.

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The site of the planned library and museum

In total, over 100 suggestions have been sent to us in the first few days since we opened the nominations. Some of those suggestions have been made by several people.

We launched the campaign to find a name for the new building last week, after Doncaster Council agreed to let our readers decide the name of the building, which is currently being constructed on the corner of Waterdale and Chequer Road.

David Kessen, Free Press community engagement editor, said: “We've been delighted with the response we have had from our readers since we asked them a week ago what name they would like to see given the the new library and museum building.

“There have been some great ideas put forward already that really reflect Doncaster, its heritage, and the appearance of the new building itself, but you still have until the end of October to make your suggestions.”

It is not the first time the council has turned to our readers for a name – it was you who proposed and backed the name Sir Nigel Gresley Square, when the new public square at Waterdale was opened, named after the famous Doncaster railway engineer who designed the steam locomotives Mallard and Flying Scotsman.

The new building will serve as a museum, library and town archives. It has been designed with space to house some of the steam locomotives that were built in the borough, and will also house the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry Museum.

First of all, we are asking you to suggest names for a shortlist. Then a panel including the council and Free Press will select the best names, with you voting for the final choice.

To nominate, you can get in touch in one of a number of ways.

You can:

Email [email protected] using the words ‘Doncaster Library Name’ in the description boxLog onto a specially set up survey on the website your suggestion to David Kessen, Doncaster Free Press, The Balance, Pinfold Street, Sheffield S1 2GU.

The closing date for nominations will be Thursday October 31.