Doncaster’s Tory MP Nick Fletcher says he is ‘gutted’ Prime Minister Boris Johnson has resigned-

Doncaster’s Conservative MP Nick Fletcher has said he is ‘gutted’ Boris Johnson has resigned as Prime Minister.

By George Torr, Local Democracy Reporter
Thursday, 7th July 2022, 6:45 pm

In a video posted on social media, the Don Valley MP credited Mr Johnson in securing his election victory back in 2019, becoming Doncaster’s first Conservative MP since Anthony Barber left office in 1964.

A supporter of the PM, he paid tribute to Mr Johnson, despite mass resignations from his own team following a series of scandals from Partygate to promoting Chris Pincher to deputy chief whip who has been accused in the past of making ‘unwanted sexaul advances’.

Don Valley MP Nick Fletcher in a video address said he was gutted Boris Johnson resigned.

The Don Valley MP lauded the outgoing Johnson and said he had been a ‘great Prime Minister in so many ways’.

Fletcher, who made it clear he does not want to join the government in any role, said his main focus is on Doncaster.

He added he will continue to lobby for a new hospital, a rail link to the airport and help Doncaster become the new home of Great British Railways.

Fletcher’s reaction to the PM’s resignation ...

“So the Prime Minister has decided to stand down. I knew he would do the right thing.

“He loves his country, but I can’t say I’m not gutted, he’s been a great Prime Minister in so many ways.

“Along with you, my constituents, he got me here in Parliament, he got Brexit done, saw us through the pandemic, made the fastest vaccine rollout in Europe and he brought us first out of lockdown.

“Most recently, he’s led the western world in standing up to Russia against its invasion of Ukraine.

“However, we now need to move on and we will. I’m getting on promoting Doncaster and focusing on its interests.

“We are now a city, but we have so much more to achieve. A new hospital, a rail link to the airport, an advanced manufacturing site at Doncaster airport and to win the competition to become the new headquarters of Great British Railways.

“So as sad as I am today, I’ll be back out tomorrow and over the weekend speaking up Doncaster.”