Heartbroken wife of Doncaster amputee model and boxer Bailey Lindsay releases emotional video tribute

The heartbroken wife of a Doncaster man who lost his battle with cancer just two months after they got married has shared an emotional video tribute to him.

Friday, 8th April 2022, 12:53 pm

Isabel Lindsay's beloved husband, Bailey, was just 23 when he passed away this week.

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Wife's emotional tribute after death of Doncaster amputee model and boxer Bailey...

He had battled a rare form of bone cancer for four years, which led to him having a leg amputated.

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Bailey Lindsay, from Doncaster, died of cancer just weeks after getting married

But despite Bailey being diagnosed at 18, he lived lived to the full – even climbing Ben Nevis and sparring with world boxing champ Tyson Fury.

He also appeared on the BBC One talent show I Can See Your Voice.

Bailey and Isabel married in front of family and friends earlier this year.

In an emotional tribute posted on Facebook, his grieving wife released a video montage of her husband, describing him as 'a true hero’.

Isabel said: “Bailey Lindsay, you are a true hero, and have always been an angel throughout your time on earth.

“Thank you for loving me so hard, for all the memories, the constant laughter, everything.

“I wish we could hold each other one more time. I will never be alone again because I will hold you in my heart forever. I hope that eventually this pain is bearable enough to live life the way you taught me. I will never, never ever forever the feeling of our love.

“I wanted to share this with you all. Seeing Bailey being… well, Bailey - smiling, dancing, laughing, singing, caring, fighting - they’re all the things we need to hold closer than ever before right now.

“As much as it tore me apart to make this, it also brought me great comfort and made me laugh so much as I hope it does for everyone.

“There are so so many photos, videos, memories, places, people I have to share with everyone because of Bailey. Right now these are the videos that I have on my phone but I hope to get more of his soon.

“I love you forever and longer baby. Kisses forever. We’ll be with each other again one day. I hope that Heaven is bright and warm and so much more. And I know all of our angels will have welcomed you with open arms. I just can’t believe you’re really gone.”

Encouraging people to live life to the full, Isabel said: “Push yourself to be the best person you can be no matter what, physically, mentally, spiritually, in your character, in your actions and words, with your relationships… in every single way just do everything you can the best that you can do it.

“It’s got to be all or nothing. Don’t waste time being half-hearted about anything you chose to do with your time.

“Do everything with purpose whether it is to benefit yourself or others, both are important, but others even more so - be selfless.

“The only barrier between you and your dreams is how hard you want to work for it. So dream big.

“Don’t hold back, ever.

“If you have the chance to help anyone, just do it

“Be brave, always.

“Family is everything, including the friends you chose to have as family.

“It takes strength to admit things are a struggle.

“Feel the whole world, see as much as you can.”