Doncaster woman dubbed 'home wrecking prostitute' to star in web show I Married A Traveller

A Doncaster woman who has been dubbed a home-wrecker and prostitute by her husband’s traveller family is to star in a new web series looking at her life.

Tuesday, 21st September 2021, 11:09 am

While husband Michael, 38, is a "dyed in the wool gypsy traveller,” TikTok star Nikia is a ‘gorger’ – a non-traveller who has married into the community.

But her acceptance hasn’t been easy and now she’s documenting her struggles with her husband’s family in a new documentary I Married A Traveller.

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Nikia Marshall will star in the new web series about her life as part of a traveller family.

Nikia and Michael, who now live in Slough, are fronting the new video series for Fabulous which you can watch HERE

She met boxer Michael, who also owns a roofing company, at a professional fight two years ago, where she was working as a ring girl.

The exclusive, six-part YouTube series sees the couple giving a no-holds barred insight into every aspect of their lives - from sex and dating rituals, to their lavish wedding, finances, family rows and home life.

Nikia, a former glamour model turned housewife, told The Sun: "A lot of traveller girls call me a wannabe and other not nice names, such as prostitute and home-wrecker.

"When I was living on a caravan site, I didn't feel accepted. Every girl was looking at me weirdly because I'm not the same as them.

"I didn’t want to be the same as them, I have no interest in acting that way, I just was myself and a lot of people didn’t like that.

"It’s really difficult being married to a traveller, just because you get judged, looked at and talked about. It’s not a very nice community to be in as a gorger person.

"But on the other hand, I really like Michael's ways and how he treats me, it's nice and that comes from his traveller side. He respects me and loves me."

Nikia and Michael, who wed 20 months ago, were both married and divorced before meeting - which is another source of contention.

She says: "Getting divorced in the travelling community is frowned upon and I was always looked at as the girl who ruined a marriage, even though I got with him when he was single.

"I never ruined nothing, let’s just make that clear. So I don’t think the whole issue was me being a gorger, it was more the package Mike came with that made me unaccepted."

Nikia says: "When I saw Mike, I thought ‘I’m going to get a lot of money out of you’. I genuinely thought I’d hit the jackpot.

"I know that might sound bad but I’m a young girl, I’m from Doncaster, it’s rough as s***, it’s horrible, and I’ve seen him walking around with a nice watch and jacket on, and thought, ‘hmm’.

"Then we went on a date and he was so geeky and intelligent. I thought, ‘oh no, I’m going to fall in love with this man’."

As for telling their families they were in love - it was a mixed reaction.

Nikia says: "It was 50/50. My mum was really happy for me and my dad was over the moon.

"But some people in my family were like ‘no don’t be with a traveller, he’ll ruin your life, he’s too old’, because of our 16-year age gap.

"At the end of the day, it’s about who I love and who I want.

"Mike's family don't like me and I really don't care, they never even gave me a chance."

'We get hate about my background and the age gap'

Michael adds: "I only told family members who really care about me, and they said, ‘lovely, I’m glad you met someone really nice’.

"But the thing about travellers is they're very judgemental over everybody, especially settled people. Travellers think they're the master race and have the 'we know best' attitude.

"It’s that superiority that’s really annoying, especially to Nikia, because she’s become really successful now through social media.

"The biggest wave of hate from travellers is saying, ‘how can you be popular, you’re not a traveller?’ They really think they’re better than everybody else.

"As a traveller myself, once you let go of that mentality, you can really learn and get on in life."

In May this year, Nikia revealed she had been exposing men she says contact her through social media, saying she gets up to 20 sexually explicit messages a day from men asking to sleep with her.

She was so fed up of the unwanted attention that she recorded a video naming some of those messaging her and asking her to cheat on traveller husband Michael, 38.

The former Hayfield School pupil said: "A lot of men have been messaging me, trying to get me to cheat, I’m sick and tired of it.

"I feel disrespected and like the men think I’m easy because I’m not a traveller.

"When it happens, I show my husband the messages and I've blocked so many people, it's ridiculous.

"They say absolutely foul things, ‘I want to sleep to you’, ‘I want to do things to you’, stuff I can’t even repeat. It’s just really disgusting."

The video named and shamed 20 married men – and went viral after getting more than 300,000 hits.

Nikia, a former model who was born and brought up in Town Moor, added: "I'm very body confident, I'm not afraid to show my body off.”