Doncaster ex-model names and shames love cheat men pestering her for sex

A married Doncaster ex-glamour model has said she will continue to name and shame traveller men who pester her for sex and urge her to cheat on her husband.

By Darren Burke
Saturday, 22nd May 2021, 12:54 pm

Nikia Marshall 21, has been exposing men she says contact her through social media, revealing that she gets up to 20 sexually explicit messages a day from men asking to sleep with her.

She was so fed up of the unwanted attention that she recorded a video naming some of those messaging her and asking her to cheat on traveller husband Michael, 38.

She says people assume she's "easy" because she's a gorger, or non-traveller.

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Nikia Marshall says she receives 20 messages a day pestering her for sex.

She said: "A lot of men have been messaging me, trying to get me to cheat, I’m sick and tired of it.

"I feel disrespected and like the men think I’m easy because I’m not a traveller.

"When it happens, I show my husband the messages and I've blocked so many people, it's ridiculous.

"They say absolutely foul things, ‘I want to sleep to you’, ‘I want to do things to you’, stuff I can’t even repeat. It’s just really disgusting."

Nikia Marshall, a former glamour model, says she will continue to name and shame men.

The video named and shamed 20 married men – and went viral after getting more than 300,000 hits.

However, the footage hasn’t gone down well – and her TikTok account has been deleted because of all the abuse she says she has been receiving from the traveller community.

Nikia, who was born and brought up in Town Moor, told The Sun: "I’m a very good looking girl and the men think I'm easy, that's why I'm being targeted.

"I'm very body confident, I'm not afraid to show my body off.

Nikia, 21, says men want her to cheat on her husband Michael, 38, a traveller.

"My face is always full glam, I'll spend at least two hours doing my make-up and my hair’s always big, curly and done up.

"I like to wear crop tops and tight leggings, I'm very proud of my body. I’m slim with big boobs, that’s my look."

Former Hayfield School pupil Nikia now lives in Slough with Michael, a professional boxer and roofing company owner she met two years ago.

She added: "The reaction’s been mostly hate. A lot of women have been threatening to kill me, while men are telling me it’s all my fault, calling me a prostitute, a homewrecker, just a bad person.

Nikia says she recorded the video naming and shaming men because she is fed up of unwanted attention.

"It’s been horrendous. No-one’s actually confronted me to my face and they’re not going to, I’m a very fiery person so it’s all just behind a keyboard.

"Michael backs me 100 per cent. One of the men I named and shamed messaged him but he stood his ground.

"I’m going to keep naming and shaming, I’m doing another one in a few days. Until I get respect as Michael's wife, I'm not going to stop.

"It’s important to me because I need the women to know their husbands are not very nice, they should realise I'm helping them.

"And I need people to know I’m not a whore, I won’t go with random men, I’m very loyal to my husband. I want people to see the real me.

"Michael and me are even planning to set up a YouTube channel or podcast where women can come forward anonymously about other married men, and we'll name and shame them."