Doncaster Sheffield Airport: 'This is a tragedy' - readers react to the potential closure of airport

Residents have described the potential closure of Doncaster Sheffield Airport as a ‘tragedy’.

Wednesday, 13th July 2022, 4:27 pm
Updated Wednesday, 13th July 2022, 4:28 pm

On Wednesday, bosses at Doncaster Sheffield airport announced “aviation activity on the site may no longer be commercially viable.”

A consultation is to be held over the coming weeks to discuss the future of the South Yorkshire airport – with its permanent closure now a real possibility.

With this news, readers have reacted to the potential loss of the airport.

Doncaster Sheffield Airport. Picture: Chris Etchells

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Linda Lancaster suggested that the airport closure would be a real tragedy for both cities of Sheffield and Doncaster, and says the public should campaign to keep the airport running, saying “No this is a tragedy its an awesome little airport....we need a campaign to keep it open.”

Michelle Flett said: “Now we've just become a city as well as surely this is more investment etc. There isn't enough holidays with flights and prices are ridiculous for anyone local.”

Sandra Styring is another reader highlighting the adverse effect on the region, “This would be a great shame for Doncaster after now becoming a City. Such a great airport, we need to do everything we can to save it.”

Doncaster Sheffield Airport. Picture: Chris Etchells

The vast majority of readers highlight how much they liked the airport, saying that the closure of such a ‘great’ airport would be a ‘real shame’.

Ian Pritchard indicated this, saying: “Doncaster Airport needs to be invested in not closed, by far the best Airport, longest runway, easy access, it can take any aeroplane , just don't understand why they would close it, shame.”

Jakki Slater summed up her thoughts on the airport nice and sweetly – “Best airport in the country.”

"Bad idea Doncaster is a lovely Airport with good staff,” added Jane Litherland.

Some readers pointed out the effect the closure of the airport would mean for the levelling up scheme, with the potential closure portraying a backward step for the region.

Steve Fletcher suggested this, saying: “Great start to levelling up and the Great Northern Powerhouse.” Mark Hilton also agreed, adding: “Levelling up and UK Airport strategy working well I see.”

To some, the threat of closure comes as no surprise, with the lack of airlines operating at the airport being a real problem.

"Let other airlines in instead of sticking to just TUI not rocket science,” commented Denise Rollinson. Paul Ibbotson agrees, commenting with an airline pun: “Needs an airline like Jet2 running out of there. The profits would sky rocket there…if you pardon the pun.”

Richard Marks believes the airport not being economically viable was an inevitability, saying “An airport without any flights. And they wonder why they aren't making money. Lower the fees and maybe it will be a successful airport.”

Other readers agree with Richard, highlighting price and expense of the airport as an issue deterring potential customers – “It's a lovely little airport but unfortunately it's more expensive to fly from Doncaster than say Manchester, East Midlands ,Birmingham, Leeds bradford etc. Also the airport parking is more expensive! I would fly from Doncaster every time if it wasn't for the extra costs!

As we await final confirmation on the airport’s future, readers such as Tessa Lindley, worry for their booked flights, “Love this airport. Hopefully we're flying from there to Tunisia in October.”