Do you recognise this seven year old Doncaster TV star Riley from prime time telly?

Little Riley Baker-Barnes is only seven – but he’s already a familiar face on prime time television and online.

Monday, 7th October 2019, 10:17 am

That’s because the Balby Central Primary School pupil has been plucked from obscurity and turned into the central character in an advert for a brand of chocolate bars.

He is the young star of an advert which features a little boy who wants to go out in his bright green dinosaur costume – but keeps getting told ‘no’ by his dad, until they take a family trip to a natural history museum which is full of prehistoric skeletons.

Riley went to auditions for the role after being put in touch with an agent by his drama teachers at Let’s Act drama school in Bentley.

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Riley Baker-Barnes, seven, is currently starring in a Televison advert. Picture: Marie Caley NDFP-28-09-19-ChocAdvert-2

And after beating dozens of other youngsters, he was given the role.

His mums, Emma and Nicola Baker-Barnes, are full of pride at his success.

Emma said: “Riley loves drama. It all started off when he was cast as Herod in his school nativity play.

“Then he decided he wanted to go to drama school and started 18 months ago. Last year he was in a production of Jungle Book, and this year he was Aladdin in a production at Cast. We think he’s great, and he loves it, which is the most important thing.

Emma and Nicola Baker-Barnes, pictured with their son Riley Baker-Barnes, seven. Picture: Marie Caley NDFP-28-09-19-ChocAdvert-3

“As long as he’s happy doing it we will support him all the way. Nicola and I have never done anything on stage, but Riley’s a born showman.”

Riley’s grandparents took him to his audition because his mums were unable to make it, but it was Emma who went with him for the filming, which was done over two days, at a house in South London, at a leisure centre near Birmingham, and at a museum in Oxford.

“It was hard work for Riley, but it didn’t phaze him in the slighted,” she said. “He’d love to get more jobs on the back of this. Keanu Reeves is his favourite actor.”

Riley’s classmates have recognied him in the advert and Emma says they think it is ‘cool’.

Riley Baker-Barnes, seven, is currently starring in a Televison advert. Picture: Marie Caley NDFP-28-09-19-ChocAdvert-1

Sadly, however, Riley did not get to keep the dinosaur suit that he wore for the cameras. It is understood that it was an expensive one-off outfit created by a famous designer.