Huge group of rats spotted feasting in Doncaster shopping centre car park

A huge group of rats have been spotted devouring discarded food in a Doncaster shopping centre car park.

By Darren Burke
Friday, 2nd July 2021, 1:14 pm

This shocking photo shows a group of seven rats in the Centurion Retail Park, Bentley, feasting on scraps of food in broad daylight.

Derek Collins, who took the photo and shared it on Facebook, said: “I was horrified.

"This is what happens when food is discarded.

The group of seven rats was spotted in a car park in Bentley. (Photo: Derek Collins).

"This was Bentley in the car park near Home Bargains. Literally hundreds of rats in the hedges – some were huge.”

Mr Collins says he has reported the issue of the rodents to Doncaster Council.

The UK’s rat population is said to have grown massively during the coronavirus lockdown and it is the latest in a number of rat sightings in Doncaster.

You can report incidents to Doncaster Council HERE