Doncaster teenager in gang attack horror

Latest court news.Latest court news.
Latest court news.
A teenager was attacked by a gang of yobs, who bound his wrists and kicked and punched him before shutting him in a boiler cupboard, a court heard.

Connor Fields, who was 17 at the time of the attack, had paint thrown over him and had his head held in a bowl of water in a flat on Queensbury Road, Intake, Doncaster.

Marcus Crossland, 19, of no fixed address, Shannon Toone, 19, of Belle Vue, Doncaster, David Benetar, 30, of Harrington Street, Doncaster town centre, and Brooke Smith, 18, of Avenue Road, Wath, all pleaded guilty to affray at Sheffield Crown Court.

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The court was told Fields, who is now in jail for his part in a robbery, was targeted in a revenge attack for threats he had made to the defendants and criminal acts. 
Fields was in a friend’s flat around 2.30pm on August 4, 2014, when he saw Crossland wearing a balaclava carrying a bottle of vodka approaching with Toone and Benetar.

Crossland and Toone were shouting: “Open the door we’re going to get you this time.”

The flat door was opened by the tenant with Fields later telling police ‘he had set him up’.

Hannah Walker, prosecuting, said: “Crossland and Toone found Mr Fields hiding in a boiler cupboard, he was dragged out and was punched and kicked.

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“He was repeatedly assaulted and Mr Fields had his head held in a bowl of water in the sink.

“Crossland then dragged Fields back to the boiler cupboard. He was laughing and was trying to make him cry.”

Smith turned up at the flat around 4.30pm as Crossland and Toone carried on assaulting Fields.

Crossland tied his wrists and Benetar told Crossland ‘kick him in the ribs, not

the face’.

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A number of females were also locked inside a bedroom while the attack took place in the kitchen.

During the attack – which lasted several hours – Smith also threw paint over Fields.

Police discovered Fields, who had gashes above both eyes, outside a shop nearby.

All four were arrested around midnight that same day.

Benetar accepted he was with Crossland and Toone and admitted being aggressive towards Fields.

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Stephen Robinson, defending Crossland, said: “He is clearly a frustrated and angry young man and has taken out his anger on the victim.”

Emily Brown, defending Benetar, said: “He was unaware that the others had an axe to grind and realised quickly he had to leave.

“He told the others that Fields had ‘had enough’. He has no previous convictions and has held steady employment for 11 years.”

Richard Barradell, defending Smith, said: “This is completely out of character and it is an isolated incident.

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“Her involvement was minimal and she didn’t join in the assault, she turned up later.” Robert Sandford, defending Toone, said: “It was an unsavoury episode on her behalf but she was clearly there to carry out some act of retribution.

“She has had a baby and is pregnant with her second child. This is now the main focus in her life. I doubt she will be in the courtroom again.”

Judge Robert Moore, sentencing, said: “This was a most unpleasant ordeal which lasted several hours in retribution against this young man who is said to have carried out threats and criminal acts. However, this is a serious incident and it passes the custody threshold.”

Benetar was jailed for seven months and Crossland received 11 months in a young offenders’ institution. Toone was handed a 26-week sentence in a young offenders’ institution, suspended for 12 months, and will have to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work.

Smith was given a 15-week sentence in a young offenders’ institution, suspended for 12 months, and must carry out 60 hours of unpaid work.