Lorry Driver was three times over the limit as he weaved through traffic on the M1 in South Yorkshire

Brave motorists risked their lives to form a rolling road block to prevent a serious collision after the lorry swerved across four lanes of the M1.

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police Operational Support said:“Worried motorists on the M1 in Derbyshire contacted us as it was seen weaving across all four lanes of the network. It was so dangerous, they implemented their own rolling block behind it to try and prevent a serious collision.

“Working with our Derbyshire colleagues, it was stopped near to Meadowhall in lane 4 and the driver provided a roadside breath sample of nearly three times the legal limit, going on to refuse to provide a sample in custody

Some of you may recall this HGV travelling North on the M1 weaving from one side of the carriageway to the other. Some members of the public (fans of Police Interceptors no doubt) so concerned formed their own rolling road block until SYP’s finest could arrive to take over.

The lorry was finally stopped om the M1 near Meadowhall

The driver blew a whopping 90 at the roadside and was taken to custody where he failed to provide a specimen of breath after the incident on August 30.

The Magistrate sentenced the driver to 10 weeks imprisonment suspended for 12 months and a 28 month ban from driving.

The spokesman added: “Whilst we would never encourage members of the public to create their own rolling road due to the risks involved, many thanks to all that were involved from acting as a RPG officer for a few minutes to those that called and provided video.”