Doncaster suburb plagued by antisocial behaviour: police and council will enforce protection order

The police and council have pledged to impose enforce rules designed to combat antisocial behaviour, littering and nuisance noise in Hexthorpe.

Friday, 3rd September 2021, 9:52 am
Rubbish left outside homes in Hexthorpe.

Villagers claim large groups of people are intimidating people, making loud noise into the night on a daily basis fly-tipping and leaving litter in the streets.

Doncaster Council has extended its Public Space Protection Order for Hexthorpe until August 2024.

But residents say the authorities are not doing enough to impose the rules.

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Kirk Street, Hexthorpe. Picture: NDFP-12-08-21-HexthorpeKirkStreet 1-NMSY

A resident who did not want to be named, said groups of people were on a daily basis sitting on pavements blocking them, playing loud music on the streets and shouting and drinking into the early hours.

“When you go down the street there are 15-20 people outside one or two places from morning to bed time,” she said.

“Every day they are shouting and screaming. They put music on so loud they can’t hear each other.

Ramsden Road, Hexthorpe. Picture: NDFP-12-08-21-HexthorpeRamsdenRd 1-NMSY

“There is intimidation of people when you walk down the street you are being looked up and down.”

“If you are driving when they are in the middle of the road you have to physically inch the car forward before they will move.”

She said on Saturday evening at 8.30pm there were ghetto blasters and speakers on Ramsden Road with people dancing to loud music.

"We rang the neighbourhood response team and they came.

Discarded seeds litter the ground in front of a bench in Hexthorpe Park.

“But as soon as the team is in the area everything goes quiet. They thought they had dispersed them. Then, at midnight it all started again.”

"The other week there was a riot on Ramsden Road involving about 50 people and knives were involved. The police told us when the riot van turned up they were all too drunk to give a proper story. She said in one week there had been eight stabbings in the village during a week of riots and fights.

“The neighbourhood response team is supposed to be operating from 9am-2am but if you ring the council between 9-5 they don’t know who you are talking about.

“They put all these things in place to try and help Hexthorpe but nothing works – they still carry on. It is causing so much stress and upset it doesn’t matter how many times you report it.

“If they carry on like this people will take the law into their own hands.”

Rubbish was being dumped in the streets along with fly tipping which was leading to rats in the area.

She added: “They throw rubbish everywhere, out of their windows into their garden, just thinking someone from the council will have to clear it up. And that is what the council has done – they’ve not stopped them or fined them.”

The extended PSPO means people could face a prosecution and fine of £1000 if found in breach of the banned behaviours, such as:

No groups of three or more causing ASB

No games on the road which cause ASB

No excessive noise in public areas

No drinking alcohol in public areas

No taking drugs or other banned substances

No entry to Urban Road play area after 9:30pm

Villagers say the unrest started after a large group of mainly Roma/Slovak migrants moved to the area around seven years ago. One said: “We want to know why they didn’t enforce the selective licence they imposed on landlords at the start of it all.

“What’s the point of renewing a PSPO order when they don’t enforce it?”

Deputy Mayor, Cllr Glyn Jones, said: “The Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) for Hexthorpe is enforceable around the clock, no ifs or buts.

He said the council alone has numerous teams – including enforcement, communities and neighbourhood – who issue Fixed Penalty Notices for breaches of the prohibitions.

He added: “Hexthorpe has one of the best community based CCTV systems in the borough and this is monitored 24/7 with the operators highlighting issues to staff who are available on the ground to manage breaches of the PSPO.

“We work closely with partners such as South Yorkshire Police to tackle anti-social behaviour. Residents are our eyes and ears and their reporting in to 01302 736000 or 101 is vital.

“We are making the extra effort to communicate with residents in a variety of ways – including face to face meetings – to increase awareness and understanding of how the PSPO works and how we need them on board to ensure its success.”

Inspector Mark Payling added: “Our officers are aware of recent concerns from the local community in Hexthorpe regarding antisocial behaviour, littering and nuisance noise.

“I’d like to reassure residents that we are working hard to tackle these issues.

Our neighbourhood officers are carrying out increased patrols in the area to engage with the local community, respond to incidents and prevent crime.

“We support the implementation of the renewed Public Space Protection Order and we are working with partners to implement a multi-strand strategic plan to address residents’ concerns.

“One strand of this plan includes efforts to tackle waste disposal and littering, focussing on educating local residents and targeting offenders responsible for fly-tipping.

“A successful funding application through the Safer Streets Scheme has also enabled new CCTV equipment to be installed, alongside new street lighting, alley gates, bollards and street signage.

“I’d like to encourage the community to continue to report their concerns to us so that we can investigate. If you see our officers out on patrol, please do come and speak to us, we are there to help and support you.”