Doncaster residents back mayor's call for more police as crime rates soar

Doncaster residents have backed Mayor Ros Jones call for more police on the town’s streets as the area’s crime rates soar.

Wednesday, 1st September 2021, 6:48 am

Earlier this week, Mayor Jones hit out at South Yorkshire crime commissioner and Labour colleague Dr Alan Billings over the ‘inconsistent and under-resourced level of policing’ for Doncaster, saying it was failing residents and businesses.

Data from the Office for National Statistics shows that Doncaster town centre had the highest amount of recorded crimes of anywhere in South Yorkshire between December 2020 and May 2021.

And residents have backed the Mayor’s call – although some have also blamed her for the crime situation in Doncaster.

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People want to see more police on the streets of Doncaster.

Upset readers say the town centre has become a no-go area, plagued by begging, drug use, violence, anti-social behaviour and shoplifting and have called for more visible policing, in villages as well as the town centre.

Steve Moore said: “Disgrace Doncaster policing - need to buy all the police stations back what have been sold and go back to the old days of a station in every village, maybe then the police will get some control back.

Laura J Buttrick wrote: “Doncaster town centre is atrocious and not safe I won’t even take my kids in as I don’t want them seeing all the c*** that goes on.”

Duncan Roberts said: “There's no grass roots policing – they’re not part of the community or even around to be approached in most cases, they just whizz by in a car or van."

Kathryn Burgin added: “The homeless keep fighting amongst themselves, then running away into shops to try and hide, this happened today and it’s very scary for customers and staff.”

Glyn Bryan said: “It's the same as anywhere else you go now - no police presence on the streets and no consequences for anti-social/criminal behaviour on them. Increasing police presence, tackling the causes of crime or making penalties more severe for criminality costs money which the government isn't prepared to spend (on these things at least...) and subsequently local authorities around the country much like Doncaster aren't funded to provide.”

Kiel McCloy wrote: “Well in my village, we used to have a PC patrolling regular around the streets and visiting schools to put respect and fear into kids at a early age!

"But the government/council got rid of the village police station and so there was no police presence at all and the village is one of the worst in Doncaster now.

"So how about you put everything back how it used to be when everything worked fine and build a police station in every village again and have a few community police in every village.”

Ja Nette called on the Mayor to go on patrol and said: “Maybe she needs to go with the police and see just how the dregs of society really are. The long hours the police are working, often without rests or toilet breaks.”

Malc Queen added: “Has she just woke up to that when people and businesses been telling council for years? How thick is she?”

Moira Horsman said: “The central area is always uncomfortable to be in due to druggies and homeless - maybe we need to address this problem first otherwise l think Doncaster town centre is finished. Definitely more police presence needed.”

Andrew Osbaldeston wrote: “What a load of c***. They have the headquarters to the policing in Doncaster in the town centre. There are more police patrolling Doncaster town centre than anywhere else in Doncaster. As per usual Ros Jones is more bothered about the town centre and its surrounding areas than west Doncaster were crime is rife.”

Julie Mortlock posted: “In our village, we do not have policing. We have quad riders and motorbikes up and down our streets and community fields continously without any fear. There is no local policing.”

Clive Burdon added: “That’s rich from our Mayor saying the residents are being failed by our police force. Take a look closer to home Ros Jones as the residents of this town have been failed for years by consecutive inept Labour councils.”

Ann Briggs wrote: “I work in town and it's the same people every day, shoplifting and begging. They are known by name and where they live. I don't understand why they aren't banned from the town centre. Some of them are intimidating and aggressive. It's not nice working in retail when you're constantly looking out for shoplifters.”

Lisa Hill added: “I would like to feel safe when I go to town. Currently I feel intimated when I walk around. More of a police presence would definitely help. Not just in the centre but surrounding streets,” and Mick Jenkinson posted: “More visible police, not in cars. Over the years we have been promised back on the beat bobbies which never happened.”

Steve Flint said: “We need the cops back and the stations reopened that the Tories got rid of... Simples!”

And Andrew Lloyd said: "Inconsistent "? I'd say none existent. Would describe it better.”