Doncaster town centre has highest crime levels in South Yorkshire report reveals

Doncaster town centre has the highest rate of crime in South Yorkshire, a new report has revealed.

By Kev Rogers
Friday, 13th August 2021, 1:18 pm

A report has revealed the town is top of five areas in South Yorkshire with the highest levels of recorded crime during 2020.

The Crime Survey for England and Wales, which included data up to December 2020 was released by the Office for National Statistics in May 2021.

The survey revealed that South Yorkshire Police recorded 130,705 investigations, compared to 148,851 in the previous 12 month period - a drop of 13 percent.

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Police van responds to crime.

The areas with the highest levels of recorded crime were Doncaster Town Centre, with 5834 investigations, Sheffield City Centre, with 4504 , Burngreave, Sheffield, with 3990, Darnall, Sheffield, with 3138, and Boston Castle in Rotherham, with 2697

The most commonly recorded groups of crimes were: Stalking and harassment, with 19,385 reports, violence without injury with 15,443 reports, criminal damage with 14,482 reports, violence with injury with 12,319 reports, and minor public order, with 12,206 reports.

The report presented to Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner this week states: "The figures are absolute crime levels and take no account of the population or size of the areas.

"Additionally, town centre locations tend to have disproportionately higher levels of crime, due to the effect of the night-time economy and theft from shops.

"They can also have high transitory populations due to people coming into the areas for employment.

"The force is aware that in comparison to its peers, the county suffers from relatively high levels of recorded crime, particularly in the areas of domestic burglaries and offences of serious violence."