Students at Trinity Academy who are top of class

Top class students and some of the area’s most promising young people were honoured when Trinity Academy’s annual prize giving was held.

By Nigel Booth
Wednesday, 24th July 2019, 12:38 pm
Updated Tuesday, 30th July 2019, 6:03 pm
Some of the students at Trinity Academy with their prizes
Some of the students at Trinity Academy with their prizes

The ceremony showcased highlights from Thorne and Moorends’ young people from the past 12 months, including performances from the musical Beauty and the Beast; a Greatest Showman dance spectacular; house competition events; and some of the year’s sporting triumphs and celebrations.

This year’s special guest was former English professional footballer Bruce Dyer, famed for becoming the country’s first £1-million-teenager when he transferred from Watford to Crystal Palace in 1994.

He shared with the Trinity students the story of his rise from a troubled youth to a talented striker, and encouraged them to strive to make the right choices and to achieve their ambitions, no matter how impossible they might seem.

Guest of honour at Trinity Academy prize giving, former professional footballer, Bruce Dyer

“I was that kid at school that teachers told others to stay away from,” Dyer said, “but people can grow and achieve, and if this talk inspires just one person to do that then, for me, it’s mission accomplished.”

He Bruce Dyer spoke powerfully of his life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ, and the forgiveness, peace and purpose that Christ has brought into his life and said: “God created every single human with the ability to achieve and I believe that,” he continued.

“I want to really encourage young people: you can change. You can achieve your dreams. You can grow up.”

Dyer praised the students for their hard work and went on to talk about the importance of making the right choices at a young age. “Lots of people have a gift, but are they willing to choose to achieve and to use that gift for good?” he asked.

Prize winner Jay Green

“You have some tremendous teachers who are willing to teach, support and encourage you. Understand the power of sound wisdom and advice that you only get with age, and use their support – if you do that, you can achieve anything.”

The ceremony concluded with the much-anticipated announcement of the winners of the 2018-2019 House Cup. After eight consecutive years of holding the coveted top spot, Shepherds were finally ousted by Poets house, much to the delight of house captains Reid Pugh and Jessica Elsey who rushed to the stage to collect their trophy.

Speaking after the event, Trinity’s executive principal Jonathan Winch said: “It was wonderful to shake the hand of so many young people and to honour the sheer excellence of their achievements.

“This year was extra-special because more than one of our prize-winners had overcome real adversity. Bruce Dyer’s powerful story drove home that we don’t need to let our past determine our future.”

The house cup won at Trinity Academy awards ceremony

The main award winners were:

Outstanding Student of the Year: Jay Green

Sportswoman of the Year: Catriona McKenzie-Purdham

Sportsman of the Year: Harry Graves

More Trinity Academy winners

The Academy Drama Bowl: Sophie Christie, Ruvarashe Fungwe, Sommer Oliver, Oliver Page, Eren Strider

The Chairman’s Award for Musician of the Year: Ruth Spowart-Manning

Alumni Award – Contribution to the Academy and Local Community: Oliver Watkins

Megan Hennessey Prize for Art: Emma Venables

The TGS Reunion Group Award – Demonstration of the Core Values: Jasmine Wood

Student Courage Award: Nikola Symolon

Winners showing off their winning certificates

House Cup Winners: Poets House

Academic Awards




Year 7

Lexi Gray

Lilly Asquith

Szymon Barczynski

Year 7

Lois Hamilton-Plumb

Evie Benson

Kate Poland

Year 7

Winnie Chen

Sasha Broughton

Nathan Bailey

Year 8

Hugh Hamilton-Plumb

Alexia Suptirelu

Daniel Green

Year 8

Jasmin Nassau

Finlay Ridgway Worth

Alexia Costin

Year 8

Freya Barrass

Alice Sanderson

Logan Hodges

Year 9

Jeremy Pike

Sara Feri

Daniel Green

Year 9

Billy Astill

Jessica Daines

Jay Newell

Year 9

Blake Harhoff

Maja Swedziol

Kian Lancaster

Year 10

Jacob Page

Kate Wheatley

Matthew Peace

Year 10

Ethan Stringer

Dominic O’Neill

Ryan Adams

Year 10

Alexander Williamson

Kai Holloway

Fianais Davies

Citizenship Awards

Year 7- Lily Sinclair-Witton

Year 8- Macie Wilson

Year 9- Emilie Garcia

Year 10 – Hannah Sanderson

Most Promising Students

The most promising creative artist: Talia Sweed

The most promising entrepreneur: Jessica Elsey

The most promising food technologist: Keevé Sprung

The most promising geographer: Maja Swedziol

The most promising historian: Jacob Page

The most promising linguist: Leah Gray

The most promising mathematician: Olivia Jenkins

The most promising scientist: Anton-Florin Munteanu

The most promising sportsperson: Amy Wilcox

The most promising technologist: Evie-Mae Wildgoose

The most promising thinker: Jake Heppinstall

The most promising writer: Kate Wheatley

Sports Awards

Victrix Ludorum

Victor Ludorum

Year 7

Lucy Evans

Jos Linley

Year 8

Phoebe Taylor

Brandan Gurd

Year 9

Caitlyn Krebs

Shaun Worgan

Year 10

Amy Wilcox

Harry Peet

House Awards

KING of the Year: Olivia May

POET of the Year: Winnie Chen

SHEPHERD of the Year: Lucy Evans

The King’s Academy Short Story Award

Marshall Mount

Proud students with their trophies
Winners all