Doncaster mum furious after daughter told to cut the tassels off her school shoes

A pupil at a Doncaster academy developed blisters after she was given odd shoes to wear after going to school with shoes with tassels on, it has been claimed.

An angry mum has slammed teachers who said they would send her teen daughter home from school for wearing the wrong shoes.

Serlby Park Academy has defended its uniform policy saying clear information has been provided to parents on the rules.

Gemma Smith said her 13-year-old daughter Ruby was told by Serlby Park Academy she was breaking the rules when she turned up for the new term wearing shoes with tassels on them.

Ruby Smith wearing the shoes with tassels.

She said: “Ruby was told that her shoes were not suitable due to the tassels on the front and was offered to either have a pair from themselves or failing to do so, she would have to go home.

"She chose to use the shoes provided by school.

"My daughter said one foot had been hurting her all day but she was too scared to say anything in case she got sent home.

“When she returned home after the school day she noticed school had actually given her an odd pair of school shoes and as a result she now has blisters.”Gemma said she phoned the school to complain and spoke with the head of year who advised her to cut off the tassels on her daughters original shoes so they met the rules.

Ruby's mum claims her daughter was given a pair of odd shoes to wear by the school.

She added: “I received no empathy towards my daughter and of course my daughter feels demoralised.

My daughter is very intelligent, in top class groups for every subject and has excellent exam results.

I do not see how tassels on shoes could affect her education and I personally believe that prisoners get more freedom than the students at that school.”

Ruby said: “With the shoe situation, me and my friends are feeling stressed, annoyed and upset. If I’m being honest, I’m scared to even walk past the school gates with the fear of getting stopped to have my shoes checked in case there’s another new rule I don’t know about. I feel that shoes shouldn’t have to be a problem considering I and many others are doing so well in school.

"I have never had a detention never mind isolation. It’s not just about minor details on shoes either, a friend of mine was stopped and told her shoes look too wide. We should be able wear whatever black shoes we like, as long as they are comfortable and practical I don’t see the issue.”

Other parents have objected to the school’s uniform policy. It is claimed another pupil was made to colour in a logo on designer shoes with a marker, another was told to colour in a logo on a bag and two girls in reception year were sent home as they had grey bags.A spokesman for the school said: “Clear information on our uniform policy is provided on the academy website and in letters to parents.

"This explains that plain black, flat polishable shoes without embellishments, logos, bows should be worn.

“We would always ask any parent with a query or concern to contact us to discuss it. We are working with parents who have done this to resolve any queries they may have.”