Frozen food searches up 2900% as the UK faces winter food shortages

Google searches for stocking up and freezing food have increased massively as fears of food shortages rise nationwide.

Thursday, 23rd September 2021, 3:14 pm
Empty shelves at supermarkets are becoming an increasingly common sight.

Christmas stocking is taking on another meaning this year according to the latest research on what people are searching for online

Empty shelves at supermarkets are becoming an increasingly common sight in Doncaster as Brexit and covid related HGV driver shortages now combine with CO2 shortfalls and rocketing fuel costs.

Last year we saw the nation bulk buying food, leaving supermarket shelves empty.

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Boris Johnson has commented on supermarket shelves in the run-up to Christmas warning shelves could be empty for months.

News has speculated another shortage on the horizon, with the media urging us to stock up early ahead of Christmas with frozen food and meat shortages, supermarket delivery delays and even gas shortages.

Home Essentials took a look into Google search data that reveals the searches below with an increase from 2020-2021, which speculates the nation is getting stocked up for Christmas.

Here are a few of their findings:

How long can beef mince be frozen was one search which showed a huge increase of 2900%

The search term: Items to stock up on, was up by 200%.

Chest freezer searches are up a massive 1436% from last year, and It looks like the nation is getting ready for Christmas much earlier with How long can you freeze turkey crowns for up a massive 850% from last year, also with long-lasting foods to stock up on at a 350% increase.