Doncaster fashion designer raising money to help girl with cancer walk the runway at the New York fashion show

From Armthorpe to New York, Paris and Milan fashion shows - this designer is showing work made in Doncaster all around the world.

By Laura Andrew
Wednesday, 5th February 2020, 8:15 am

Debbie Holden, aged 36, from Armthorpe is the owner of children's high fashion brand Camellia Couture - she makes luxury clothing and couture pieces which she displays in the world’s biggest fashion weeks.

She said: “I’ve done the New York fashion show twice a year since 2017.

“I had no experience, didn’t go to university but I taught myself.

Debbie with Lilly

“With hard work and determination, you can succeed.”

Debbie hand makes all of her clothes in Armthorpe - she says it takes her six to eight weeks to make her New York fashion week collections.

She hopes to bring a young girl named Lily Douglas with her to New York fashion week this year.

Debbie said: “Lily has stage four cancer and it’s her dream to walk to the New York fashion show.

Dress made with heart sweets.

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“She’s gone through so much and she’s not promised the next day.”

Debbie wants to raise £2,000 to get her there - if successful she will walk on the hiTechMODA show in September.

“It would mean the world to her - I can already hear her screaming and jumping up and down,” she continued.

Dress made by Debbie.

Debbie’s work has been featured on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet and she is going to have a billboard in Times Square on February 8.

One piece Debbie is particularly proud of is a dress she made with Haribo hearts to raise awareness for heart conditions - after her son had open-heart surgery.

She said: “I used rejected sweets for the dress - apart from over the chest where I used ‘perfect’ ones to symbolise that every heart is perfect no matter what.”

Debbie stands for inclusivity in the fashion industry and reflects this in her models.

Dress made by Debbie.

“Equality should be everybody, no matter your size, race or disability” she continued.

“I’ve had models on crutches, with no legs and with a girl in a wheelchair - fashion is for everybody.”

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