Doncaster woman designs own t-shirt and says we should support local businesses like hers

Instagram influencer and buisness woman is selling a range of shirts with northern brand Topsycury.

Monday, 16th December 2019, 10:33 am
Updated Monday, 6th January 2020, 12:19 pm

The Fierce, Fat, Feminist otherwise known as Lindsay Mcglone or @rollingwithlindsay on Instagram where she has 12.5k followers has set her mind to the world of fashion.

She has recently released a shirt with the Manchester-based company Topsycurvy, an all-inclusive brand who sell a range of plus-sized clothes.

Lindsay said: “The Fierce, Fat, Feminist is me, I’m fearless, a feminist and fat.

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Lindsay Mcglone in tshirt

“I like to use that word without negative connotation because fat is not a negative it’s a descriptive word.

“Using the word fat in Doncaster in such a blatant and unapologetic way - makes a very working-class town start to think about how we treat people.”

Lindsay is an outgoing, lively and confident young woman - but this has not always been the case.

She went through a rough patch in school until sixth form where she was able to express herself through her fashion.

Lindsay Mcglone

She said: “I was the normal cleshay, the bullied fat girl.”

She started her Instagram account as a way to reach others like her and show people that there is a relatable way to be a social media influencer.

“I would have loved to have someone like me when I was at school,” Lindsay continued.

“I want to show those kids what they can do - you don’t have to be quiet.”

Lindsay Mcglone in tshirt

The t-shirt launched in early December with the company Topsy Curvy.

Jo Frost, Managing Director and Founder of Topsy Curvy said: “We adore working with Lindsay, she’s a breath of fresh air in the plus-size influencer community and we love how she shows both sides of the story.

“The Insta worthy, glam, staged images but also the raw, non-filtered peaks into her life.”

Born and raised in Balby, Lindsay is proud to be from Doncaster and often champions other local businesses.

She said: “Shopping local means that you are putting money in people's pockets and meals on tables.

“You are paying their bills and helping build a sense of community.”

Some of her favourite local businesses to support are Wonderland Awaits, Gallery pub and Bar and the cafe Dreambakes.