Wayne takes flight with Doncaster starlings project

AWARD-winning film maker and multi media specialist Wayne Sables will be taking flight with his latest commission.

Doncaster Minster
Doncaster Minster

Doncaster is one of the best places in the country to see a murmuration of starlings, the celebrated mass flight that creates extraordinary patterns in the autumn sky.

And it’s that unique natural phenomenon that Wayne will be aiming to capture in a new work for Doncaster community arts group Right Up Our Street.

Central to the commission will be a six foot starling sculpture that will be placed in the grounds of Doncaster Minster from November 24 to 28.

Wayne Sables

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    Wayne will then use projection mapping techniques to bring the sculpture to life.

    “The theme of the installation will be community and the starlings, flying as they do in close formation, are the absolute essence of what community is all about,” said Wayne.

    “The projection mapping will feature Doncaster people and voices talking about what makes community for them.

    “This is quite unlike anything I have done in the past and I am really excited to be able to bring this project to life and celebrate a unique Doncaster natural feature and also the town’s great community spirit.

    “Nobody knows for certain why starling who have flown from as far away as the Ural Mountains in Russia but it might be that they create their arial formations to avoid predators.

    “Whatever the reason, it creates a stunning illusion and one that is giving me plenty of inspiration as I start to work on this project.”