Doncaster Council's Twitter banter with pop singer Adele over new music video for "Easy On Me"

(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)
Doncaster Council, making reference to Adele’s new music video, humourously said they would be issuing a fine to the international pop star.

In a joking tweet, Doncaster Council claimed they would be giving Adele a “fixed penalty notice” for littering in her music video for the record “Easy On Me”.

The video depicts newspapers flying out of a moving car and onto the road below – as far as we know, there’s no evidence to suggest that it wasn’t cleaned up afterwards.

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In reference to Adele’s new hit single, the council stated that they would “not be going easy on her”.

In a reply to their original tweet, Doncaster Council mentioned that they would be willing to “strike a deal” with Adele. They said that if they can use her likeness on their their anti-fly tipping posters, they would “consider the matter closed”.

Perhaps even more humourous was their mock claim that the music video was “clearly filmed within the confines of Doncaster metropolitan borough”. We’ll have to see if Adele ever releases a deleted scene of her feeding the ducks at Lakeside.

Three days after the initial tweet, Doncaster issued a follow up, saying: “Should we give up? Or should we keep Chasing Payment?”

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The tweet currently stands at over 3,000 likes, 495 retweets and 162 quoted tweets. Doncaster Council are known for their unique and entertaining audience engagement methods on social media, which often perform the best on Twitter.

While some people fell for the joke, believing that Doncaster Council were actually pursuing Adele for payment, most were able to see it for the light hearted banter that it was.

Other replies were somewhat less jovial, instead asking why their green bins had yet to be taken out and emptied. Others suggested that by dropping litter in Doncaster, she would be “improving the place”.

Adele herself has yet to respond to the “claims”. Of course, it’s perfectly plausible that she simply hasn’t seen them yet.

"Easy On Me”, which was released on October 15th, is Adele’s first major release in five years. At the time of writing, it is currently sitting at the top of the Spotify global charts.