What fans have been saying on social media as Doncaster Rovers face relegation to League Two

Doncaster Rovers welcome Burton Albion to the Eco-Power Stadium on Saturday but their relegation fate is all but sealed.

By Paul Goodwin
Wednesday, 20th April 2022, 10:44 am
Updated Wednesday, 20th April 2022, 11:29 am

A defeat to Bolton Wanderers on Good Friday and comeback draw at Shrewsbury Town on Easter Monday left Rovers six points from safety with only two games remaining.

Rovers’ goal difference of -47 means they are all but relegated to League Two.

Here’s what Rovers fans have saying on social media this week…

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Tommy Rowe shows his disappointment following the final whistle at Shrewsbury. Picture: Howard Roe/AHPIX LTD

@Gazz_DRFC: Having slept on it I'm now in the position where I don't think we can keep sacking the manager but also not sure GMc has shown enough to suggest he can do the job for us. Guess it's going to hinge on who comes in as HoF, which was supposed to be done and dusted last week

@DRFC_ITEN: Good interview by both @tombiltcliffe and Gary McSheffrey tbh. Gary lays bare where a lot of the problems lie. I don't think he's been good enough at all but I don't doubt he wants to succeed and wishes it had gone differently. Actions will speak louder than words though.

@RodgerBuckley: We've repeatedly failed to get results. All told, it's been an abysmal season and I'm glad it's almost at an end. Heads should roll at #DRFC and if things don't happen next season to get us back in League 1, seats will empty

@daniel_nice7: On a serious note, it cannot be stressed how important it is to go down with some fight and green shoots after the last season and a half. League Two won’t be like it has been the last couple of times we’ve been there

@JimmyDRFC: Can see us taking it to the last day (mathematically) and then all the spiel will come out how we’ve done well to take it to the last day etc. when in reality, we’ve been dead and buried for a long time

@jamesbarthorpe: #DRFC seem to be lacking direction and have been reliant on previous managers to provide it. The well has run dry on that front recently so we look rudderless.

@philskyross1962: Been a gradual chipping away since our heady Championship days. A very steady slide over 10 years although I do appreciate that to keep the club financially afloat isn’t cheap. Sadly though, the player quality, through sales etc, has deteriorated noticeably. Tough times now

@Kinl0ch: Massive injuries, covid plagued pre season, putting an inexperienced manager at the helm in our worst season for a while was a recipe for disaster but the fact he [McSheffrey] says there’s 3/4 back room staff missing is worrying, unpopular but I’d give him the summer and next season

@ Orrie2014: Wish we could have some clear answers and not just soundbites as answers. "We'll come back stronger" how? What's being done? Where's the DoF? Where's the u21s? Over half the players will leave who are loans or out of contract for the umpteenth season. How will we not go to the conference?

@DanielSahne94: Will be interesting if he [McSheffrey] has some poor results first 2 months of the new season. Don't see where he can hide if that happens. If it happens, it happens. Just don't see his footballing brain or his ideas from the performances his team produce. Hit and hope with no killer instinct