'We've had an internal investigation' - Everything Doncaster Rovers boss Gary McSheffrey said about gym controversy

A group of Doncaster Rovers players were this week accused by a fan on social media of joking about getting relegated at a local gym.

By Paul Goodwin
Thursday, 21st April 2022, 2:56 pm

The supporter said on Twitter on Tuesday: “Was in gym changing room today...5 or 6 rovers players...the younger ones...joking about getting relegated in next game and getting p***** after...no wonder we’ve gone down with players with that attitude!! I nearly said...cheers for wasting my money lads.”

Branden Horton, Josh Martin and Charlie Seaman were then named in the social media post which sparked a furious response from several fellow supporters.

Rovers boss Gary McSheffrey was asked about the matter in his press conference ahead of Saturday’s game against Burton Albion.

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Gary McSheffrey

Here’s everything he said in relation to the matter…

I’ve been made aware of it. We’ve had an internal investigation. I sat them all down and spoke to them one-on-one and asked what happened and what conversations took place.

I’ll be honest with you if any of them conversations of that type did take place then they would have just been removed from the club immediately.

But I’ll be honest I’m satisfied with what they’ve told me.

A few of the players mentioned were not even in the vicinity. Yes, they were at the gym, but they were not even in the vicinity where conversations were taking place.

One of the players was there with a personal friend that has nothing to do with the club.

I believe the personal friend is going on holiday next week and that may have been what they were talking about or joking about.

I asked them specifically whether the relegation word was used and about the going out drinking et cetera to which they said no.

They’re believable young players so I have to be satisfied with what they’ve told me and trust what they’re telling me.

If anything comes out of it, or still does, and that is true then those players would be removed. It’s as simple as that.

A young player not mentioned, Bobby Faulkner, he’s as honest as they come. He’s Doncaster through and through, he’s a die-hard player and die-hard supporter.

Those type of words wouldn’t come out of his mouth.

Josh Martin got a mention. Josh Martin’s just going to the gym on his recovery day, on his day off, and if someone who has nothing to do with the football club is talking about things – again, not specifically those words mentioned, that’s what I was told – is talking about things in his own personal life then I can’t control what people say.

All I can do is remind players that they’re representing the club whatever they do daily in life, especially at a gym that we have the privilege of using.

Whilst some of them are in their Doncaster Rovers kit they’re always going to be judged so going forward you just have to be careful what you say and you have to really respect and appreciate the position the club are in and that people are going to be annoyed if they do sense or hear something that shouldn’t be being said.

I have to take their word for it and until proven wrong I can’t really do much else about it.