Suitability over consistency in Doncaster Rovers front line

Darren Moore does not believe a lack of consistency of selection in his attacking ranks has caused the current lack of goals for Doncaster Rovers.

Rovers have managed just one goal in their last four matches, at a time when the front four has seen multiple combinations of players.

Jon Taylor, Kieran Sadlier, Madger Gomes and Alfie May have all come in and out of the side in recent weeks while the lone striker role has switched between Kwame Thomas and Rakish Bingham.

While injury has played a part on some occasions, Moore suggests the changes in his forward lines have primarily been made to best hurt the opposition.

Kieran Sadlier

And he says the strong competition for places has helped him do just that.

“All of them have chipped in with goals and they’ve chipped in with assists,” he said. “They have to keep doing that.

“All of them know they have to work to a level because there is competition up there.

“You’ve seen me chop and change for those reasons and I’ve been able to make it horses for courses if you like in terms of opponents we’ve come up against.

“That will continue because of the level of work required up there along with the competition for places.”

Moore also suggested he has been keen to allow respite to players due to the fast paced nature of how he instructs his team to play.

“They get through a lot of work and it’s important we keep that lot up there fresh and consistent,” he said.