England soccer star Danny Rose's family ready to cheer him for big match tonight

Danny Rose, England U21 and Tottenham footballer.Danny Rose, England U21 and Tottenham footballer.
Danny Rose, England U21 and Tottenham footballer.
Doncaster is gearing up to cheer on England in the last 16 of Euro 2016 - with none more excited than the family of Danny Rose.

England’s draw with Slovakia this week ensured them a place in the knock-out section of the tournament, against Iceland tonight.

And relatives of England left back Danny, from Wheatley, who has played in two of the three England games so far, will be among those in the town centre pubs taking in the action.

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His mum, Angela Rankine, went to see her son play in the Wales game and is said to have been delighted.

And Danny’s uncle, Hugh Rankine, also of Wheatley, says some of the family have been watching the matches in a pub on Hallgate.

He has been watching the games so far at home with his own son, Danny’s cousin Connor, 18, but said he planned to join other relatives in Hallgate tonight.

He said the family was excited about watching Danny in tonight’s knockout match.

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He said: “It is awesome. To have a lad from Wheatley playing for England over there is fantastic.

“It is brilliant, as he’s a hard worker. He used to do his homework and then go out to play football in rain, sleet or snow.

“Everyone’s so proud, and chuffed that he’s flying the flag for Doncaster.

“Who would have thought that he would be playing for England in the Euros when I was babysitting for him?”

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Fans celebrating England getting to the last 16 brought traffic to a halt on Silver Street as they congregated in the middle of the town centre road, last week. Revellers also set off flares during their post-match partying despite a warning from police that it was dangerous and that culprits would face being fined or arrested.

Supt Colin McFarlane, said nobody was hurt – but said the picture could have been much different.

He said: “We had officers in the area monitoring the situation until the crowds dispersed and while the majority of people behaved in a good-natured manner, we did arrest one person on suspicion of assault and one person for theft.

“We are in no way trying to stop people from enjoying themselves but we need to raise awareness about consequences of excessive drinking.

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“All we ask is that people enjoy the football in a safe and responsible manner.”

Doncaster pubs are expecting tonight, which would usually be a quiet night at the bars, to be very busy as fans come out to watch the game. Charon Clark, chairman of DoncasterPubwatch, said: “I think it has been really successful for the bars showing the football.

“It is good for the town and it we’re expecting pubs to be busier than usual on Monday. People like to come together to watch the games.

“I think the fans have behaved impeccably in celebrating and supporting together. There has been no trouble in the pubs.”