EFL clubs to debate major change that would benefit Sheffield Wednesday, Sunderland, Portsmouth, Ipswich Town & co

Doncaster Rovers and their fellow EFL clubs may be able to use five substitutes from next season onwards.

By Sportsdesk
Monday, 4th April 2022, 2:30 pm
Updated Monday, 4th April 2022, 4:05 pm

According to reports, EFL clubs are set to debate whether to increase the number of substitutions in a game from three to five.

The five substition rule was introduced from last November in the EFL due to concerns over potential injuries and fatigue arising within the congested season but the regulation went back to three substitutions for the start of the 2021/22 campaign.

Last week the Premier League clubs agreed that five substitutions will be permitted next season – and the EFL could be about to follow suit.

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The rules regarding substitutions could be set to change in the EFL.

Clubs are currently allowed to make three substitutions during a game and the debate over whether to extend that has divided opinion, with many arguing it would then favour those clubs with larger squads.

The likes of Sheffield Wednesday, Sunderland, Portsmouth and Ipswich Town would be among those clubs to benefit in League One should the rule change come in next season amid reports of a summer vote.

Rovers, of course, are staring down the barrel of relegation to League Two but they could potentially have one of the bigger squads at that level next season.

Despite Premier league clubs, including Newcastle, previously voting against this change due to complaints that it would give clubs with bigger squads an unfair advantage, the ruling has now been agreed - meaning clubs can name nine substitutes on the bench and make five substitutes throughout the course of a match at three intervals - with an additional interval at half time.

And there are now reports in the Mirror that EFL clubs will debate introducing similar changes this summer.

The Mirror report: “Clubs in the English Football League (EFL) will formally vote on whether to re-introduce the five substitutes rule in the summer.”

They add: “The vote is expected to take place in the summer. Five substitutes are currently allowed in cup competitions such as the FA Cup and Carabao Cup, whilst the Champions League also allows five alterations to be made.”