Doncaster Rovers: The hunt for a John Marquis replacement is not over confirms Gavin Baldwin

Darren Moore was willing to wait to land a replacement for John Marquis at Doncaster Rovers - and he still is.

Friday, 18th October 2019, 12:00 pm
Updated Friday, 18th October 2019, 4:37 pm
John Marquis

Covering for the loss of the striker following his sale to Portsmouth has proved one of the biggest talking points of Moore's short tenure.

Youngsters Niall Ennis and Kazaiah Sterling were brought in on loan while free agent Kwame Thomas was signed on a short term deal.

But Rovers chief executive Gavin Baldwin has suggested Moore's hunt for attacking additions will continue into January - and could see his main target finally arrive.

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"What I am learning about Darren, and this is a huge compliment, is that he's stubborn," Baldwin told the Free Press.

"He will have a player that he wants to bring in and if he has to wait, he will back himself with the squad that he's got to do very well, which he is doing.

"He would not get a player in on a two-year contract because it's a quick fix and he needs someone now.

"If there is a player he wants and he has to wait until January, he will wait until January.

"No amount of - and I stress this is a compliment - pushing from myself or probing from the owners will deter him from the fact of 'I'm here for the long term and I want to do the best for the club and I believe the best for the club is waiting for the right player on a long term contract. Otherwise I could end up with a player for two years that I'm not keen to play after 12 or 18 months.'

"It's a huge compliment to him in that I think he's dealt with it very well.

"He's spent the money across the squad.

"Yes he's still got targets and positions that he would probably want to strengthen but he'll only do that with the right person on the right contract to benefit Doncaster Rovers going forward.

"He didn't take the easy option about just bringing someone in to fill in numbers.

"He knows who he wants and he's very specific about that."

Rovers received close to £2m for Marquis when he joined League One rivals Portsmouth in early August.

The fee will be paid in instalments over two years following the sale.

While some money is available for January spending, Baldwin says Moore has already used funds on the additions he has made so far.

"What we would say is that since Darren has come in he's signed nine new players so those monies have been allocated," the CEO said.

"He has brought strikers in with Niall Ennis, Kazaiah Sterling and Kwame Thomas.

"I know that fans have been looking maybe for a big name.

"Darren chose to spend it across the squad, on Jon Taylor for example and believed that was the best use of those monies.

"And some of those monies are still available for spending in January.

"We could have gone in for a striker and structured a deal to replicate what we are receiving for John.

"Or we could use it to boost the playing budget for the next two years and that is the decision we have taken.

"It is about giving us the best chance each year rather than blowing it in one go and risk injury for instance.

"Having said that, Darren has got signature players he wants to talk to and who he is talking to and may come in in the future."

Baldwin revealed there were plenty of players presented to Rovers as potential signings following Moore's arrival but his desire to wait for the right man saw the Rovers boss reject multiple options.

With Moore having a clear plan in mind for January recruitment, Baldwin says work is being done already to help deliver on his wishes.

He said: "There was loans agreed with other clubs but they weren't the right players for Darren and he prefers to wait.

"We're already talking and have been for a period of time, about January and what he wants to do in January.

"He is very, very specific about what he wants to do. We're working towards that now."