Doncaster Rovers: How the club is determined to keep successful managers

Doncaster Rovers chief executive Gavin Baldwin says the club are determined to do everything they can to keep successful managers at the Keepmoat.

Friday, 25th October 2019, 8:15 am
Darren Moore
Darren Moore

But he also admitted there is little Rovers can do if clubs in higher divisions come calling.

After Grant McCann guided Rovers to the play-offs last season he was lured away by Championship side Hull City in the summer. And previous incumbent Darren Ferguson departed over reported displeasure at the playing budget on offer.

Having made a superb start to the current campaign and with Darren Moore holding a prominent standing within the game, there are concerns already that clubs will be casting an eye at the current Rovers boss.

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But Baldwin says Rovers are striving to provide the perfect working environment in which Moore can not only thrive but also enjoy himself.

"We can give him the environment that he can enjoy, we can give him the environment where he can see growth," Baldwin told the Free Press when asked how the club can keep successful managers.

"And he can see a plan and project he will be proud to deliver.

"I think all of that is happening at the moment.

"I think Darren has got a house in Doncaster now and he's making Doncaster his home.

"He loves Doncaster and sees it in his long term vision.

"The only caveat is that if a Premier League team comes in, it's hard work to keep a manager.

"Grant was extremely happy here until he wasn't. We wouldn't have known that he was leaving until two days before the phone call was made.

"If a call comes from a club in a higher league, no matter what contract that manager is on, it's very hard for their head not to be turned.

"But I genuinely believe in Darren. All the conversations I'm having with him are about two years' time, three years' time.

"Also it's about putting a structure in place that if he does move on then we've got a clear personality, a clear structure that means a change of manager is not as disruptive as it might be.

"So, I think that we've recruited managers well in the past because they've been attractive to other clubs.

"And we have a track record of recruiting good managers as well.

"But I think we've also dealt well with managers leaving.

"Where we need to get get better is having a structure where we recruit a manager and it's even more seamless, but we also don't want Darren to leave.

"I want him to think we could be in the Championship next year and then who knows what could happen.

"If he sees that plan, we can keep him hungry and keep him wanting to be at Doncaster Rovers.

"But all the noises at the moment, he could not be more committed and every conversation is 'in 12 months time this is what we want recruitment to look like' etc.

"All the conversations are about the future and about the project.

"I will say he genuinely seems to buy into Club Doncaster and what it's trying to achieve for the community as well as on the pitch.

"He genuinely seams proud of what we're trying to achieve and he keeps using the phrase that he's 'a cog in the wheel' of helping us achieve Doncaster being this really great place to live.

"From our point of view, he's probably the biggest cog by far in making that happen and is fully committed to it and doing very well."

Baldwin believes Moore only sees Rovers in his future currently and has certainly not used the club simply as a springboard back into management following his dismissal by West Bromwich Albion last season.

"Darren was passionate to get the job and the day we told him he had got the job he was literally punching the air," Baldwin said.

"Although his phone was ringing a lot, he was ringing me a lot saying 'I want to do this and this and this.'

"From the minute we told him he had plans and was passionate. That has not stopped at all.

"Now the plans are not about how do we get a team together for the first game of the season. It's what are we going to do in January, next summer and the summer after that? What is the structure going to be?

"We think Darren will give us the best possible chance of having a good season every year."