Doncaster Rovers: Darren Moore on setting a goal for the season

Darren Moore is in no mood to lay out his aspirations for his season despite Doncaster Rovers' unbeaten start to the campaign.

Friday, 13th September 2019, 5:35 pm
Darren Moore
Darren Moore

Moore was reluctant to say how high he felt Rovers could reach this term after taking charge in mid-July.

And while he indicated he would address the situation following the closing of the summer transfer window, the Rovers boss is reluctant to say where he believes his side should finish this season.

"I think it would be silly to set an aspiration and say we're going to do this or that," Moore told the Free Press. "Having arrived at the club relatively late in pre-season, I've just wanted to get my hands on the team and get a method of working here, a style of play and a system.

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"Really, it's taken a lot of hard work to get that.

"Now there is a system of playing, it's about trying to refine that as we go on.

"It's an ultra competitive league. It's a demanding league and the opponents we've got in there are excellent.

"While you're trying to improve and develop the squad, you've still got to prepare for games at the weekend or midweek where they ask a lot of you."

Moore continues to work with his squad as he looks to implement his ideas and plans after only arriving three weeks before the start of the campaign.

When pushed on whether he has been surprised with the success of Rovers’ start to the season, he says his primary feeling is satisfaction that the work put in so far has proven fruitful.

“It’s been a good solid start but ultimately for me it’s been down to the work and it’s not ceased really,” he said.

“The work has gone in and we still continue to try to seep out every second of the week really.

“I mean it sincerely that there’s still work to be done for where we want the squad to be.

“There’s been a progressive improvement in performances and that has been rewarding for me.

“That has been rewarding because of the consistent messages and working we try to create during the week and replicate on a Saturday.

“I think because of the work we’ve been doing and the players trying to adopt the right attitude on a Saturday, it’s been nice to see the things we've been working on be used in the games.

“It’s great when the result goes for you but if you’re getting the performances then you’re never going to be far away from that.

“I’ve been most impressed with the performances.”

Rovers face another unbeaten side this weekend when they travel to Ipswich Town.