Doncaster Rovers: Don't panic! - Grant McCann urges calm over summer transfer business

Grant McCann insists there is no need at all to panic over Doncaster Rovers' summer transfer business.

By Liam Hoden
Tuesday, 11th June 2019, 5:40 pm
Updated Friday, 14th June 2019, 5:19 pm
Grant McCann
Grant McCann

Rovers have so far added one player to the squad with three departing after talks over new contracts were ended, causing concern from some vocal sections of the club's supporter base.

McCann has urged calm among fans with plenty of hard work going on behind the scenes to ensure Rovers bring in the right players.

The Rovers boss returned from his family holiday on Monday night and was on the road early on Tuesday morning for a day of meeting prospective signings.

"Conversations are happening all the time," McCann told the Free Press.

"We're close on a few. Obviously not close enough until they've signed.

"We're working hard.

"There's no real panic, there's no worry.

"We're making sure the work we do looking at these players' credentials, the background checks and learning everything about them in terms of personality and character.

"If they don't have the attributes we want to play for this football club, then it's a no straight away.

"They may be a good football player, they may have all the credentials to play and do what they want but if they can't move, if they don't have the athleticism, the attitude, the aggression that we want to play at then they're not for us.

"Myself and Cliff and the backroom staff will always back ourselves to improve them tactically but if they haven't got the attitude, that's no problem and we'll move on.

"The recruitment is key. We aren't panicking over anything, we aren't rushing into signings.

“The due diligence is being done properly.

"First and foremost, they must want to work hard and run through walls and bust their b*lls for us really."

McCann pointed to his arrival at the club last summer when he took charge in early July, meaning players had already returned for pre-season by the time his recruitment drive could begin in earnest.

Character is key for the Rovers boss, who spoke of his disappointment of the attitude of target Joe Newell during talks.

"There's no point us bringing people in who look good on the eye but haven't got the other side of the game," he said.

"I think that was shown with our recruitment this season.

"The people we brought in had those attributes. Even the ones that didn't make much of an impact and probably were there mainly to help us if there were injuries to others.

"I came in here last year in the early part of July and I think the boys had already had a week of pre-season.

"We're working really hard in terms of getting the right people in.

"I wouldn't be worrying about it.

"We aren't going to be panicking and signing people willy-nilly.

"We want to make sure we're doing the right work to get them.

"Stay calm - we're working very hard to bring the right people in that Doncaster Rovers fans want to see."